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Dreadful, very overpowering scent.

Verdict: Can't smell anything but overpowering patchouli. Dreadful product. I had read it was a dupllicate for Tom Ford's Black Orchid, which I had never smelled either. I thot it might be good for layering and tried using a nice cherry fragrance I love. It couldn't come close to affecting the patchouli.
1 year ago

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights

Verdict: Fancy Nights does not smell feminine to me at all. It smells very masculine with all the wood and patchouli notes in this fragrance. It is very spicy and woody, which if you like it, then it would be a great evening fragrance.
7 years ago

Awesome perfume

Verdict: So when I originally bought this I thought it was only for the perfume but boy was I surprised when I got the entire set with a mini perfume, regular size perfume and a body lotion. Much bang for my buck!
1 year ago

Love this fragrance one of my favorites

Verdict: Fancy night - The elegant bottle is the reason that i tried the fragrance. It has a nice smell not over powering very soft;lots of compliments
2 years ago

Reminds me of something...

Verdict: Beautiful box, stunning bottle, smells exactly like Prada as far as I am concerned. Lovely perfume which is suitable for day and evening wear (but more evening wear).
6 years ago

Fancy Nights Perfume by Jessica Simpson

No reviews
Verdict: This is the newest fragrance from Jessica Simpson. It is an amazing oriental perfume that will make you feel sexy. I think this is my favorite scent from her perfume collections. It is made up of patchouli , rose , and night blooming jasmine. It also has hints of amber , vanilla , and sandalwood.
5 years ago

Fancy stuff

Verdict: I was surprised by this perfume. Didn't expect it to be as nice as it is. The drydown is nice and I could still smell it after 8 hours.
Pros: Great Smell, Great Value, Long-Lasting
3 years ago

Nothing but overpowering patchouli here....

Verdict: I hate to say it but this is the worst fragrance I've ever owned. I'll never be able to use it because it's scent is nothing but an overpowering patchouli. It's pungent to me and horrible. I have a little difficult believing that anyone loves this. I think it's dreadful.
1 year ago

Not your typical celebuscent...

Verdict: Jessica Simpson FANCY NIGHTS is very different from the first two members of this series, FANCY and FANCY LOVE. (I have not tried I FANCY YOU.) FANCY NIGHTS is much less sweet and smells quite synthetic and uninviting to me, turning stale on my skin over the course of minutes.
5 years ago
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