Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights EDP 100ml 3pcs Reviews

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights EDP 100ml 3pcs
$42.99 from Perfume NZ
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Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights : Fragrance Review

Verdict: "Proceed with Caution" is my go-to rule when it comes to celebrity fragrances. In the fearsome land of celebuscents, bushels of candy-coated fruit fall from trees, rivers flow with vanilla syrup, and billowing clouds of white musk fill the sky, so as far as my tastes are concerned, a visit to that...
4 years ago

Dreadful, very overpowering scent.

Verdict: Can't smell anything but overpowering patchouli. Dreadful product. I had read it was a dupllicate for Tom Ford's Black Orchid, which I had never smelled either. I thot it might be good for layering and tried using a nice cherry fragrance I love. It couldn't come close to affecting the patchouli.
10 months ago


Verdict: I am very happy with, I shop here often. The service is fantastic and the perfumes arrived quickly. However, this perfume was disgusting. It gave my family and I headaches. I would not recommend it. It was without a doubt my worst perfume purchase.
11 months ago

Awesome perfume

Verdict: So when I originally bought this I thought it was only for the perfume but boy was I surprised when I got the entire set with a mini perfume, regular size perfume and a body lotion. Much bang for my buck!
1 year ago

Nice after it mellows

Verdict: This fragrance is overpowering when first applied; however, when it mellows it's very nice.So spray just a little !
1 year ago

Of yellow cats, leaves and big diamonds

Verdict: An early blind purchase in my fragrance journey, the opening depending on conditions could feel very papery-screechy like a yellow angry cat shrieking and scratching in my face - loud and almost in a vulgar, sweaty-sour way, the 'papyrus' and bergamot with the patchouli apparently playing a wild mix...
1 year ago

Love this fragrance one of my favorites

Verdict: Fancy night - The elegant bottle is the reason that i tried the fragrance. It has a nice smell not over powering very soft;lots of compliments
1 year ago

Waste of money for me

Verdict: Not what was expected. Have been researching on long lasting fragrance and fancy nights was coming up all the time. However, this one does not even last one hour. Waste of money for me :(
4 years ago

Francy Nights Perfume by Jessica Simpson

Verdict: As an older woman, I am a little more choosey about fragrances and perfumes than I once was. While I have been using Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers for nearly 20 years as an everyday perfume , I still felt the need to have a fragrance that is strictly for special occasions.
4 years ago

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights

Verdict: I absolutely LOVE this fragrance. Every where I go people ask me about it. Men love it and Women Love it!! I found the perfect scent!! The roll-on is so perfect when on the go..fits perfectly in my purse or clutch. The only problem is I cannot find it any of the department stores.
6 years ago
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