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Jabra Talk 15

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Verdict: In the world of BlueTooth headsets, the Jabra TALK is actually achieving mediocrity at its height. I own several BT units from the Jawbone HD to my LG HBS-700 stereo headset, and the Jabra falls squarely in between.
7 years ago

Hardware Review – Jabra Talk Bluetooth Headset

Verdict: If you're looking to buy your first Bluetooth headset, you're probably not looking for a pricey, top-of-the-line model with a ton of features you never even knew existed. Chances are you're looking for somethi...
Pros: It's still a perfectly decent headset, especially if this is your first time using Bluetooth
Cons: Calls made with the Talk have very low volume and sound a bit muffled. Even worse is that it sounds like there is next to no noise cancellation
6 years ago

Jabra Talk

Verdict: Once paired, you can initiate voice dialing by holding down the Call button for a couple of seconds. It will initiate whatever voice control you use, like Google Voice or Siri. I had no trouble making calls, asking Siri to play some music, or having Google Voice open up the calendar app.
Pros: Inexpensive. Good incoming call quality
Cons: Poor noise cancellation. Finicky to find a good fit
6 years ago

Jabra Talk Bluetooth Headset Review

Verdict: Let us begin with some rants about some of the many Bluetooth headsets we have tried out in the past. When Bluetooth headsets first hit the scene they were all the rage and no one wanted to be seen talking into a wired a headset, ironically not a single one of those geeky Bluetooth headsets were...
Pros: The Ins and Outs, Snug Fit, The Talk While Driving, Talk Time
Cons: Very Minor Flaws
6 years ago

Simple to use. Gets the job done

Verdict: I'm not the kind of person who wears my headset around all the time. I usually only put it on when I get into the car or when I am taking a call. With that in mind, this headset meets my needs very well: it is small and unobtrusive both in my ear and when I am storing it in my pack, it has great...
1 year ago

Jabra Talk 15

Verdict: Excellent. This is the third different Blue Tooth ear piece I have had and as far as I am concerned it is the best. Very comfortable to wear and the sound is very clear. Having to press the answer button twice to make a call back saves all those accidental calls you can make when you touch the...
3 years ago

Good Product and value for money

Verdict: It is still feel less comfortable in Ear's inner side so I am giving it 4 stars rest of all features are good and value for money
2 years ago

Jabra Talk 15

Verdict: I rate it 4 star because the sound when calling is clear, the mic also is clear. The thing to improve is its physical looks. For me the device is thick.
Pros: Handy yet very crisp sound
Cons: too thick
2 years ago

not good for price

Verdict: disappointed have to keep charging also voice is not clear
1 year ago

Great Balue device.

Verdict: I have had this device before and purchased this one because my old one was not machine washable (forgot to was in my pocket ooops). I have had many bluetooth ear pieces, some very expensive, some not so but for functionality and comfort this one wins hands down for me.
5 months ago

Jabra Talk 15

Verdict: I bought this (not here) and a few others, trying to find a loud one. This one is not as loud as some but quite good in general. There is only one size of ear gel (two of them) and there is no caller announce. But I can't take a star off bc it's very inexpensive. All in all, worth the money.
3 years ago
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