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Jabra SP200
$79.82 from Acquire
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Value for money
Pros: This device has one of the best help and support sections complete with interactive guides
Cons: The LED lights placed on the face of the device are too small to see without taking your eyes off road
Verdict: With more and more states across the U.S. banning drivers from using cell phones, many drivers are seeking to find a Bluetooth car kit to fit their needs. The Jabra SP200 is just the Bluetooth kit many have been searching for.
5 years ago

Review: Jabra SP200 Bluetooth speakerphone

Verdict: Short version: The Jabra SP200 is huge Bluetooth speakerphone with extra large controls and extra loud volume. Pros: This thing is massive! It's huge! Look at that thing. My God, it's big. Some will find the size comforting. It's built solid and you probably can't lose it.
7 years ago

Jabra SP200 Bluetooth speakerphone

Pros: Simple to operate, large volume dial, sun visor clip, good audio quality and voice performance
Cons: No advanced features, feels cheap
Verdict: A Bluetooth speakerphone with a basic yet effective design, Jabra's SP200 certainly isn't exciting, nor is it overly attractive. But if you're looking for a simple and inexpensive speakerphone, the SP200 is one of the best on the market.

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8 years ago

Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Speakerphone -- Reviewed

Verdict: Some time ago we reviewed the Bluetrek Contour Design SURFACE SOUND COMPACT and we will be making some notes in comparison with that model as we have the most experience with that one so far.  The first impression of the Jabra SP200 is that it is pleasantly styled with basically two enormous
9 years ago

Jabra SP200 review

Verdict: The Jabra SP200 car speakerphone is an affordable Bluetooth car speakerphone kit.
9 years ago
PC Advisor

Jabra low cost bluetooth headset

Verdict: The SP200 is one of the newer budget additions to the GN Netcom's Jabra range of Drive ‘N' Talk Easy BluetoothSpeakerphones. It is easy to use without taking one's eyes of the road and so is possibly safer to user than a number of products on the market.
9 years ago

Jabra SP200 review

Verdict: For its price, the Jabra SP200 is a great value. You get all of the basic calling features you'd expect (voice-dialing activation, call answer/reject, and redial, for instance). In addition, the bundle includes a USB charger (along with the standard in-car charger).
9 years ago

Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

Pros: Inexpensive, Big call button and volume wheel
Cons: So-so call quality, Solid blue light can distract
Verdict: The $60 (as of May 20, 2009) Jabra SP200 car speakerphone is the most affordable Bluetooth kit we've reviewed recently--it costs $40 less than its
9 years ago
PC World

Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Speakerphone

Verdict: Talking on your mobile while driving is not just dangerous, it has also been against the law in the UK since 2003. If you need to keep in contact while zooming around in your motor there are two main options: get a headset and look like a member of the Borg, or opt for a portable speakerphone.
9 years ago

Review: Jabra SP200 bluetooth speakerphone

Verdict: I've reviewed a number of bluetooth speakerphones for in-car use in the past. Each time, the unit I reviewed ended up being my primary until the next one came along. For example, I started with a number of different models but then finally settled on the Parrot MINIKIT and then moved on to the...

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10 years ago

Jabra SP200 Speakerphone

Pros: Easy to connect the wireless with your phone, really good sound, volume control, one punch button to talk and if you use ringtones, you can screen your calls without taking your eyes off the road
Cons: Not necessarily a con, but you can not place calls from the unit itself
Verdict: The Jabra SP200 allows you to talk on your phone and keep both hands on the wheel. Assuming you are driving while you are using it of course. That's what its designed for: talking and driving. Maybe I should say driving and talking since driving should always be the primary focus.
15 years ago
The Mac Observer

Five Stars

Verdict: Works great, easy to use! Arrived quickly and ended up purchasing 2 I liked them so well!

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2 years ago

a must

Verdict: after reading the review,s for the jabra sp200, i decided too buy one. and must admit it works brilliantly. and so easy to set up with my phone, a real must for the car.
6 years ago

Works great...Don't listen to the harsh critics!

Pros: Easy to pair with phone Easy to use Speaker can be very loud if you like that and has a volume knob
Cons: None so far
Verdict: Some say the sound quality isn't great at highway speeds, but for me it's fine. I have a 2007 Honda Civic and I tested it at 75 mph and people say they can hear me fine. They can obviously tell they're on speaker phone because it sounds different, but the people I tested this with said they could...

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6 years ago

Jabra SP200: Easy Talking

Pros: easy to use, quick to install
Verdict: bluetooth in car devide by Jabra
7 years ago
Pros: easy to use, quick to install
Verdict: I got an early Christmas present from my family and was ecstatic to find it was a bluetooth hands free kit. I had seen my friends dad using it the other week when we were on a long distance journey and at the time had thought that it looked interesting.
7 years ago
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