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Jabra HALO Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Verdict: Most cell phones these days come with stereo Bluetooth because even the more basic handsets have some kind of built-in music player. We're happy to see this development, as it lets us listen to music cord-free.
Pros: The Jabra Halo has a slim and stylish design that folds down to a more compact and portable shape. It comes with a 3.5-millimeter patch cord in case your device does not have stereo Bluetooth
Cons: The Jabra Halo fits awkwardly over the ears and does not feel like it is securely in place. Call quality suffered when in a noisy environment, and we did not like the touch-sensitive volume controls
8 years ago

Jabra Halo Stereo Bluetooth Headset - Reviewed

No reviews
Verdict: I don't know how much designers are paid these days but Jabra could not pay the guy who designed the Halo enough for having done a sterling job on this stereo Bluetooth headset! Seldom have I seen a product where form and function so harmoniously work together to present a very pleasing product.
9 years ago

Jabra HALO Bluetooth Headphones

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Verdict: Jabra None of the previous Bluetooth headphones that I have had the chance to use have really felt "right". Many of them were either just like two enormous earbuds in each ear tethered to each other with a wire behind my head, or were too large to chuck in my slender laptop bag that I carted to uni...
Pros: Design, battery life, microUSB
Cons: Sound quality, touch controller
9 years ago

Review: Jabra Halo Bluetooth headset

No reviews
Verdict: Jabra may be known for their small, somewhat stylish Bluetooth headsets, but they don't limit themselves to those. The company's Halo is a multi-use stereo headset that works for calls but is also designed to handle media applications, like listening to music, watching videos, and that sort of...
8 years ago

Jabra HALO Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging

Verdict: I bought these about 4 years ago, and I've been using them on and off ever since, alternating between my portapro's and ksc75's.
Pros: wireless, build quality, comfortable, design
Cons: veiled, dull, lacks bass, unengaging sound
8 years ago

Bad sound quality. Bad ear design.

Verdict: I purchased these to replace my Jabra Sport Pace earbuds. I figured same brand, same level of quality. That was a big mistake. 1. I could not get these things to fit in my ear properly with any combination of the gels, cushions, or hooks. 2. The sound quality is horrible.
11 months ago


Verdict: Too bad apple has to do these kind of things...
Pros: Sounds great and are comfortable
Cons: Manual is horrible. To get rid of the flashing green light you need to push the speaker arms into the headset with considerable force. When you click them in, the headphones shouldn't fold. Nothing about this is mentioned in the manual. If you own an iPhone DO NOT BUY THESE.
9 years ago
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