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JBL Playlist
$299.95 from Harvey Norman
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Value for money

I ended up not firing up my stereo !

Verdict: I got it as a gift. I couldn't find a use for it until I started using it. Convenient - Easy to connect Impressive sound from such a small body It replaced my hi fi basically very happy

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8 months ago
What Hi-Fi?

JBL Playlist review: JBL's impressive sound with Chromecast built-in

Pros: Design and build JBL knows how to make good looking speakers with excellent build quality. The Playlist is no exception, Sound quality As expected from JBL, the Playlist handles all kinds of music gracefully, fills a medium-sized room, and doesn't skimp on bass, Wi-Fi Beside the dual-band support,...
Cons: No portability With no on-board battery, the Playlist has to be plugged in to work. It's sad because I would have loved to be able to more easily move it around, Volume The Playlist gets a little too loud for its own good, sometimes
Verdict: After a few months with the Playlist, I understand the appeal of the JBL brand more and I see hear why it's loved by most everyone who has tried its speakers in the last few years.

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10 months ago
Android Police

JBL Playlist review: Chromecast convenience wrapped into an affordable speaker

Pros: So simple to use once connected, Attractive design, Loud audio
Cons: Audio balance not to our taste, Power cable is far too short
Verdict: In days gone by, if you wanted a decent multi-room audio experience, you could go two ways: if you wanted to keep your existing speakers and stereo, you could use something an Apple AirPort Express unit to build a fairly clunky, unintuitive hack of a system; or you could replace your speakers and...

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1 year ago
Pocket Lint

Review: JBL Playlist wireless speaker with Chromecast

Pros: Good quality sound, Spotify Connect support, Chromecast support, no wall wart
Cons: No Apple AirPlay
Verdict: Ubiquity, thy name is Bluetooth. But Bluetooth isn't the only wireless technology for delivering music to speakers. There's also WiFi. JBL's Playlist wireless speaker of course supports Bluetooth – what company would dare not these days – but it stands out from its would-be peers by virtue of WiFi.

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1 year ago
Gadget Guy

JBL Playlist

Pros: The JBL Playlist is the most affordable Chromecast speaker I've seen and it offers the most open sound we've heard in a product of this kind. Setup is easier than with most other Wi-Fi speakers thanks to the Google Home app, which also lets you have a multiroom system on a budget.
Cons: The speaker isn't as convincing with bass-heavy material like dance or pop music. The build quality isn't as impressive as its rivals'. There's no onboard battery so it's stuck in one spot
Verdict: Wi-Fi speakers have huge advantages over Bluetooth-only units, but affordability isn't one. One case in point: the $200 Sonos Play:1 ( $185.00 at Amazon.com ) is still one of the most affordable of the breed. Speakers powered by Wi-Fi just haven't come down to Bluetooth speaker prices yet.
1 year ago

JBL Playlist review

Pros: Punchy, energetic sound, Decent connectivity options, Compact and good looking
Cons: Some Wi-Fi connectivity issues, Sound lacks refinement, Power cord is far too short
Verdict: JBL is a company that has an exhausting number of Bluetooth speakers on the market, and these bright and colorful rugged speakers have become outdoor music staples.

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1 year ago
TechRadar UK

JBL Playlist

Pros: Solid build and eye-catching design, Easy Chromecast streaming, Warm, easygoing sound, Good detail and ample bass
Cons: Laid-back treble lacks excitement, No built-in battery, Top button placement
Verdict: It would take a heart of stone not to be smitten by Playlist's cute design. Chicly styled in white, black or blue, this curvy compact speaker is the ideal size for shelves and tabletops where surface space is limited.

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1 year ago

Only for music, not audio from video sources

Verdict: I purchased it to use it with my TV or PC as audio out while watching video. There is a 0.5-1 second delay from the image and the audio coming out of the speaker. Tested with my TV, cell phone and PC. Awful experience. Only suitable for music-only services like spotify.

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4 months ago

Big Sound

Pros: Good price for wifi speakers
Cons: Must be plugged into A/C outlet
Verdict: I bought just one JBL Playlist to check it out. Little drain on cell phone battery using the Chromecast WiFi mode vs. bluetooth mode. The sound was fantastic on the back porch. Bought my second unit shortly afterward as planned after being overly satisfied with my first purchase.

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10 months ago

Great sound

Verdict: Awesome sound, rich bass and loud. Built in Chromecast is a great feature

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11 months ago

Excellent Sound Quality

Verdict: Remarkably "big" sound from a relatively small item. Sound quality is a cut above the usual Bluetooth speakers, albeit at a higher cost. The Playlist features a passive bass radiator at the rear of the cabinet and this really makes a difference.

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1 year ago

Good sound!

Verdict: The speaker has built-in power supply, just comes with a ac cord.. I mainly use it for Bluetooth, and it sounds very good, crisp highs, good bass and very clean at max volume! Haven't tried the app features or wifi yet, but overall very happy with this speaker!
1 year ago

Great speaker for Echo Dot

Verdict: Excellent sound quality, including bass response. Great option for Echo Dot owners with both line in and reliable bluetooth options for connectivity. Speaker design fits in very well with modern decor. Only downside is that Google cast experience is not the best.
1 year ago
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