Intel 535 Series OEM SSDSC2BW180H601 180GB Reviews

Intel 535 Series OEM SSDSC2BW180H601 180GB
$190.50 from Elive
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Intel 80GB 530 Series M.2 SSD On Linux

Verdict: Our latest solid-state storage Linux benchmarking at Phoronix is looking at Intel's 530 Series SSD within the M.2 form factor.

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4 years ago

Good quality Kit

Verdict: I purchased the Intel 530 Solid State Drive Retail Kit 120GB on behalf of my computer tech friend in Canada who needed it to fix a computer he was working on - he was a wizz with computers and would only order the best quality reliable products to go in his or clients machines - I am typing this...

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1 year ago

Great pro level SSD for Intel vPro application

Pros: vPro
Cons: Price per Gig

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2 years ago

Short and sweet

Verdict: Vast improvement to my general computer speed and boot times. From some old hardrive which took ages to move large files to a Super Fast SSD which boots in ultra fast and i have timed it (5 Seconds!!) Installation was exactly the same as a normal hard drive so its a piece of piss to install people.

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3 years ago

My PC lives again

Verdict: Stuck with my 320 GB HD for years, recently it annoys me big time. My regret is not getting this SSD sooner.
4 years ago
Pros: speed, quiet , deal price , mounting hw included
Cons: none so far
Verdict: So far so good with my drive. Used Clonezilla to migrate my Win7 / Linux dual boot spinning drive over and all went smoothly. Boot time/ resume from sleep time is very snappy. I mainly use Linux and have 16GB of RAM so no need for swap which is not recommended to be placed on SSD.
5 years ago
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