IPC C338B Reviews

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★★★★★ 2.0
   2 reviews
Manufacturer: IPC
2.0 ★★★★★
Based on 2 reviews.

2x3.5" bay

★★★★★ 2.0
Cannot securely hold 6x3.5" drives, even with an ITX motherboard, because the two drive cages only have one bolt per side and only the top drive is supported by a bracket.
1 year ago


★★★★★ 2.0
This case tries to do too much with too little. It's true this case is versatile: It's designed for MicroATX & Mini-ITX, and it's possible to mount a full ATX so long as you have less than 4 expansion cards. The consequences of this are that the PSU ends up in an odd place - your PSU may need to have long motherboard connectors. Mounting 3.5" drives is a problem. Quite a few of the internal brackets are reused from 2U cases, so you have 80mm fans where there could be 92mm fans, and the 3.5" brackets are much shorter than the height of the case. So, if you are mounting 3.5" drives you should consider a Mini-ITX motherboard, and if you ha...view more
5 years ago

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