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Apple HomePod Speaker
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Product Description

As smart speakers go, the Apple Homepod is very smart indeed and doesn't need too much in the way of thinking to set it up.

Simple Set Up

Like most Apple technology, setting it up is a breeze. You can hold your iPhone or iPad near the unit and your device will send over your Apple ID and music preferences - it will even fill in Wi-Fi passwords. 

It Knows Where To Send Sounds

The Homepod can figure out where about in a room it is located i.e. against a wall, or in the centre of the room. With this information, it can transmit music forward if it’s against the wall, or at 360 degrees if it is not by a wall. 

It Fits A Lot Into A Small Package

The Apple Homepod is a compact unit that fits virtually anywhere but there's a lot happening inside it: one woofer and seven tweeters, each with its own amplifier, and six microphones to help Siri pick up your voice from all around the room. 

How Does It Sound?

Many reviews say the audio quality is unrivaled, the best you can get with clear separation between all parts of a track. Musicologists suggest the quality is at its best when the unit is placed against a wall.

The Ultimate Home Help

Amidst all the buzz about the supreme audio quality, it's easy to forget the Homepod is also an intelligent home assistant, helping you handle all sorts of common tasks and able to control devices in a smart home.

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    26 January 2018