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Hermes Terre D'Hermes

Verdict: The citrus element in this fragrance makes it extremely fresh, easy to wear and not overpowering! My work colleagues comment whenever I wear it...Highly recommended!
1 year ago


Verdict: Smells old and I'm 30. Just not my taste. Make sure you get the decant because sometimes things just smell different. I wanted to like this one I really did. The YouTube reviews I saw helped persuade me but not feeling it. Regretting getting the medium sized bottle.
Pros: Clean & Fresh, Long-Lasting
Cons: Too Expensive
1 year ago

Hermes Terre D'Hermes Pure Perfume 75ml Mens 3pcs

Verdict: One of the most beautiful fragrances I've ever purchased. Have gotten so many compliments when I'm wearing it. My son loves it so much, I just bought him the male version.
4 years ago

nice fragrance

Verdict: the opening is a little strong because i have the parfum version but the dry-down is fresh and feels earthy ..
Pros: Clean & Fresh, Great Smell, Sexy
Cons: Doesn't Hold
3 years ago

Terre d'Hermes fragrance

No reviews
Verdict: I usually go for woody spicy scent for some of my ordinary days. I find it impressive and very masculine to start. In terms of perfection in capturing the entire story I would want in this criteria, I find Terre D'Hermes quintessential. In terms of looking at the bottle, there is no so much to tell.
13 years ago

Birthday Present

Verdict: My husband was thrilled to receive this gift. Thank you to Myer for assisting so promptly
1 year ago


Verdict: This product source of Terre D'hermes EDP from Amazon is terrible. The scent is different than the product I purchased from a Dept store (Nordstroms) and the scent does not last. Within minutes there is clear dissipation. It must be a knock off product that Amazon is selling and it is a ripoff.
10 months ago

great scent - batch code is questionable

Verdict: My main concern about this product was its authenticity. I checked out the box and the bottle meticulously, and everything looked OK except the batch code, BGABA - as far as I know the first character in the TdH's batch codes expected to be a digit.
2 years ago


Verdict: This has the same smell as TERRE D'HERMES Perfume, fresh, great smell, beautiful, you'll feel a lot better with it in your face aftershave. The sensation is just amazing, great product with a fresh sensation. I love it!
1 year ago

Terre D' Hermes shipping

Verdict: great edt but could have purchased in England for same price as it cost,we did not know we have to pay an extra £20 before we could recieve it,shame as we will not use company again,but edt is fab.
Pros: Great Smell
Cons: Pricey / Poor Value
7 years ago

Hermes Terre D'Hermes Pure Perfume 75ml Mens 3pcs

Verdict: Great sent and a good value. I work by fragrance wholesalers and the price was comparable. It is not usually discounted at all.
8 years ago

Mild Patchouli

Verdict: I have to admit I was baited by the TV commercials. But it was worth it. It won't be my favourite, but once you follow the top note, it's a fragrance that you can wear occasionally when it comes to earthy scents. The top note is extremely orange-heavy, which is not possible for me personally.
7 months ago

Hermes Terre D'Hermes Pure Perfume 75ml Mens 3pcs

No reviews
Verdict: Pure class! A frangrance that every men who konws what he whants sould have. Fresh, unique, perfect for the office and formal events imho. This will always have a place in my collection. Fragrances like this one dont die, they live for all the eternity. 5 out of 5 stars.
7 months ago
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