Hermes Terre D'Hermes Pure Perfume 75ml Mens 3pcs Reviews

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Sophisticated restrained fragrance

Verdict: Hermès is an interesting designer in comparison to the other ones when it comes to the world of perfumery. While even the most classic bend toward the latest trends and trying to get the easy money from the young audience, the traditional brand of leather goods maintains a consistent line which is...
13 years ago

nice fragrance

Verdict: the opening is a little strong because i have the parfum version but the dry-down is fresh and feels earthy ..
Pros: Clean & Fresh, Great Smell, Sexy
Cons: Doesn't Hold
3 years ago

great scent - batch code is questionable

Verdict: My main concern about this product was its authenticity. I checked out the box and the bottle meticulously, and everything looked OK except the batch code, BGABA - as far as I know the first character in the TdH's batch codes expected to be a digit.
2 years ago
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