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Headsets Buying Guide

Some headsets are designed for music lovers, others for fitness freaks who want to listen in while working out, some for gamers, and others who just want to chat with family and friends. Headsets have different features to give users the best experience when doing these things, so be clear about what you'll be using your headset for.

Easy On The Ear

No matter what you're using your headsets for, comfort is a common denominator. Lightweight devices with high-quality padding will make for a far more comfortable listening experience, so ask for models that are renowned for comfort.

Headsets For Music Lovers

Over-ear headsets block out background noise and make the sound all about the music, which is enhanced when those headsets are specially designed to deliver full spectrum sound.

On The Move

Wireless headsets are great to wear while you're working out, or just working. Having full mobility while exercising or in the office is a big selling point in wireless headsets, but things like battery performance, a good wireless range and on-going comfort are things to look out when exploring the options available to you. A Bluetooth headset is an option if connectivity is important.

If You Take Gaming Seriously

Some headsets are specifically designed for gaming. They block out external noise to help with concentration, yet they deliver cinematic quality sound to greatly enhance the gaming experience. And, at the same time, they're comfortable enough to wear during marathon gaming sessions. Most of the gaming-focus headsets are often categorised as headphones.

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