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Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Handheld vacuum cleaners are perfect for handling smaller cleaning jobs in a matter of moments compared to conventional vacuum cleaners. To make that job even easier, and quicker, here are some things to look out for.

A Weighty Issue

Although handheld vacuum cleaners are compact, some models are still surprisingly heavy, which is usually caused by the weight of the battery. You might pay a little more for a lightweight yet powerful model, but if you intend to use your handheld vacuum on a regular basis e.g. cleaning up pet hair, then you'll be pleased you invested in one.

Check The Capacity

The ideal capacity for your handheld vacuum will largely depend on how often you use it. If your cleaner is going to be used on a regular basis, you don't want to be emptying it all the time. Check the capacity of the dust bin - outwards appearances can be deceiving!

Easy To Empty

Regardless of your handheld vacuum's capacity, you'll have to empty it from time to time. Some models make it easy to remove the bin, and put it back again. Cleaning should be a short and sharp job, so check that emptying the bin is a simple process and not too time-consuming.

Battery Power

Like most battery-powered devices, the more you pay for your handheld vacuum cleaner, the more charge you'll get when you use it in cordless mode. Something else to consider is how long it takes to charge. Quick-charge models are usually more energy efficient, and ready to go when you are.

Overall Power

Look at the number of amps or volts each handheld vacuum has when making your purchasing decision. The higher the number, the more power you can expect....and the more power, the better the performance. A good motor helps in this regard too, so ask about the quality of that aspect as well.

Good In The Wet

You never know what sorts of spills you will need to clean up during the course of a day, but many of them are of the wet variety. Thankfully, many of the better handheld vacuums are wet/dry models, so you can use them in a variety of situations...but it always pays to check before you pay your money.

You Can Never Have Too Many Attachments

The more attachments, the better! This means you can use your handheld vacuum cleaner to carry out a wider range of chores, such as getting cobwebs off a ceiling, or reaching into that tight space beside the fridge.

Find Out About The Filter

Any sort of vacuum has the potential to release ultra-fine, and possibly allergy-causing, particles back into the air, once they've been through the machine. A handheld vacuum is no exception. The best filters greatly restrict this type of emission - HEPA filters being the perfect example. A filter should also be washable, as these need to be replaced less often than non-washable filters.

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