HP X2 210 Atom X5-Z8350 128GB 10.1in Reviews

HP X2 210 Atom X5-Z8350 128GB 10.1in
$575.00 - $649.88 from 9 retailers
   4 reviews
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Features are nice

Verdict: Its processor is too good. have windows 10...gifted to my bro at 2nd sep...good deal find here..
1 year ago

Classy product! Review after in depth usage!!

Verdict: Honest first review after 3 days of vigorous usage First of all... Great one day delivery by flipkart... Package was good.. No issues with it... Now coming to the product..... Let's talk about its pros and cons, I had been initially very confused with the 2 Intel atom models, Micromax and HP...

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2 years ago

Do not buy this

Verdict: I was given this laptop as a gift so that I could use it at university. I have only had it for three days and have only turned it on three or four times and have definitely not overused it in any way, and now the laptop won't start at all.

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2 years ago

Practical Bargain

Pros: I originally got this laptop from Best Buy on May 17th, 2008 as a gift. It was $800 form Best Buy and man, what a great value. This little tyke has 4GB of memory, an AMD Dual Core, and a 250GB 5,400RPM Drive (Swapped out for a 7,200 RPM). A week ago, my sister request a laptop for her birthday.
Cons: -Does not have an HDMI-out connection. -Does not come with a 7,200 RPM hard drive. -Comes with a lot of bundled software preinstalled. -Had 'The Sims 2' installed when I bought it...! -Not Windows Vista Ultimate
Verdict: Definitely a good machine for people going-back-to-school. And parents, if you are worried about your kids play games, don't worry, they won't if you keep the included hard drive in the machine.

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10 years ago
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