HP Q2612A Toner Cartridge Reviews

HP Q2612A Toner Cartridge
$137.99 - $243.00 from 4 retailers
User Reviews: 
Value for money

refill HP4096A

Verdict: Although I could not identify the cartridge with HP logo, I installed it and did the test print. The solid black was intense, and the water mark crisp. It performs as original.
4 years ago

Best ever!

Pros: value, Long Cartridge Life, easy to replace, Sharp Tones & Colors, Clean Replacement, dries quickly
Verdict: I cannot believe how terrific and amazing this toner is. the finest in the world no doubt! So smooth, yet so subtle. the way it sheens in the twilight is breathtaking! Buy it for Christmas gifts for your In-Laws. Give as a wedding gift! So many uses yet so little time!!! Great job HP.
4 years ago

good toner for use in HP 2605dn series

Pros: Clean Replacement, Long Cartridge Life, Sharp Tones & Colors
Verdict: My hp 2605dn is used for small graphic design freelance company. I need toner for printing proofs of work prior to sending it to clients. I do not have the space for expensive $2,000-4,000 dollar printers, thus a small postscript printer is sufficient.
4 years ago

Great Product

Verdict: I tried cheaper non-HP equivalents before & was not satisfied with the performance. The quality of the printing was darker & sharper with the HP. Also the non-HP product started to put spots on the pages after the toner was half gone, making it useless for anything but draft internal printing.
5 years ago

Super old stock, but works fine

Pros: Clean Replacement, Easy To Install, Sharp Tones & Colors
Verdict: The 61X toners are not as pictured. I received 2 super old stock genuine HP 61X toners. They were in the blue/green retail box with the image of a man walking up stairs. The box is circa 2002, so the toners are 11 years old. I have installed one and it works fine so far.
5 years ago

Print perfect

Verdict: Just like car parts, original equipment for printers is preferable to re-manufactured or knockoffs. The cartridge got here quickly and works flawlessly. My printer isn't the newest but it is still print perfect.
5 years ago

Do not be misled.

Verdict: This is NOT an HP Laserjet 13A cartridge. It is a 3rd party one called a NT-C2613F. It says on the box "NOT AN HP OEM PRODUCT", even though it is listed as an HP 13A.
5 years ago

HP Laser Ink Cartridge

Pros: Original, Great Price at Best Buy
Cons: Hard to find
Verdict: Don't know how long HP will support as newer printers in the same class use a different cartridge. Those are cheaper, but capacity is less.
5 years ago

Laserjet cartridge Q2612AD

Verdict: Standard HP toner cartridges, so presumably usual performance & quality, but dual pack represents useful if not significant cost saving.
6 years ago

Exactly what it says on the box!

Pros: Sharp Tones & Colours
Verdict: Can't go wrong with HP products in our experience. Staples added best value price [...
7 years ago

Best quality toner

Pros: Clean Replacement, Long Cartridge Life
Verdict: Much more reliable than cheap refills.
9 years ago

HP Q2612A TONER CARTRIDGE 95387 LJ 1010 1012 1015 3015 3020 3030

Pros: - high quality printing, better than Brother MFC - cartridges are easier to refill and replace, than Brother MFC - more cost-effective than Brother MFC
Cons: - network faxing is slower than Brother MFC
Verdict: No Comment.
11 years ago

Very Happy

Pros: Cartridge performs as well as very first cartridge
Cons: none
Verdict: Delivered on time and in excellent condition. I have been using the HP color laserjet 2550n for over 18 months with no problems. The black cartridge, which I mostly use, lasts about 10 months in my office.
12 years ago
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