HP LaserJet Pro 400 M451DN Reviews

$567.87 from Gamma Computers
Manufacturer: HP
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Verdict: We bought this to replace the same 3-year-old model, which had almost 200,000 prints. It's a solid little workhorse. One negative for us: the toner costs. We use this in an educational environment, and (even though we used greyscale as the default) we ran around $3-4,000 per year in toner.
Pros: Fast, Performance
Cons: toner costs
5 years ago

Serves us well

Verdict: I did not have a problem with the install on this printer as I had read others have. I did have to use the installation disc though. What I like about this printer is that it is smaller than my last HP color LaserJet. The ink cartridges are smaller too. It prints out fast copies.
Pros: compact fast clear copies
7 years ago

Nice Desktop LaserJet Color

Verdict: Nice machine to have chosen as a replacement to my HP 2605dn. The quality of print stands up to my expectations. The rapid delivery also helped, since my other machine croaked one day and I wanted a near immediate replacement.
6 years ago

HP LaserJet Pro 400 M451DN

Verdict: So far, so good! 2 years of usage, there have been no major failures or issues with it, other than a few paper jams and the substandard colors that it produces out of the box. I usually go through printers every two or three years, as I do a ton of color proofing for clients in my sign shop.
1 year ago

Great printer

Verdict: We've only had it two weeks but we've been very happy with it so far. The toners are affordable though I wish that more than just the black toner came in high yield. Also wish that it could print full bleed but we are so happy with it otherwise we don't care about that.
Pros: Compact Design, Easy To Set Up, Easy To Use, Excellent Color Quality, Reliable, Varied Paper Sizes
Cons: No Color High Yield Toner, Slow Print Time
6 years ago


Verdict: Does it do its job? The main points are: are the prints high quality? Is it fast enough? Is it reliable? The print is all three. Then is it affordable. The cost of the printer itself is okay, but per- cost is relatively high since toner is expensive. Other things are good.
Pros: Reliable, fast, and quality prints
Cons: Toner is expensive
6 years ago

Scam "protection" plan

Verdict: if HP is in bed with financial "insurance scam" crooks, then it's probably in my best interest to avoid HP for the forseable future. I also regret buying the HP since a much better featured, top brand, color laser - with scanner built in - came out on NewEgg at a much much better price.
Pros: The product listing was spectacular with the featured product protection plan
Cons: The insurance company is dirty, their so-called protection is an outright scam IMHO. First, they don't tell you that you're not covered unless you go out of your way to find their so-called policy form. Since you paid for it, wouldn't they just send it to you if they were not crooks
3 years ago
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