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Value for money

HP 12c Financial Calculator

Verdict: The HP 12c is one of the easiest to use advanced financial calculator available on the market. The large layout of the buttons makes it ideal because it requires less searching for function buttons, thus making you more productive.
4 years ago

HP 12c Platinum Financial Software Calculator

No reviews
Verdict: Available in both a standard and platinum edition, HP 12c Platinum Financial Software Calculator includes all of the features available in HP's physical edition. Additionally, on the PC version, buttons can resized and reconfigured, allowing greater control and application usability.
Pros: All the features of the standard HP 12c calculator are replicated, with additional online currency conversion tools, The calculator interface can be resized and rescaled, allowing users to run it as a desktop application or a full-screen program, Installation is quick and simple, and operation is...
Cons: No automatic uninstallation tools are included, forcing users to manually uninstall HP 12c files and registry entries
8 years ago

Great Calculator - make sure you get the right one

Pros: De facto industry standard Allowed on CFA exam Speed
Cons: Screen doesn't flash when you press operation keys
13 years ago

A great machine!

Verdict: Takes some time to learn but this calculator does it all, but after that it's wonderfull. Very happy with the HP 12C Platinum 25th Anniversary Edition, and the price was awesome! Highly recommended.
Pros: RPN and Algebraic functions
Cons: Nothing
12 years ago

Steadily declining quality ZERO STARS

Verdict: I originally had a 12C that I bought in 1984 while doing graduate MBA studies. I replaced the batteries maybe twice in 22 years. However, in 2006 I couldn't get it to work one day. No display, no nothing. I replaced batteries and nothing again so I bought the new 12C Platinum model.
2 months ago

HP 12C F2231A

Verdict: Going to use this calculator for my CFA level I exam. Very easy to use (there are guides online on how to use RPN). Comes with a handy hard leather case. Also have the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional, but I use my HP 12c Platinum calculator more than the TI BA II one.
5 years ago

Financial Calculator

Verdict: WOULD I RECOMMEND IT Yes, definitely. By improving the on the HP12C, HP has again demonstrated in the HP12cPAE and HP12cP version 2.0 that with the right effort even a good product design can be improved upon at the matured stage of its product life cycle.
Pros: I bought my first HP 12C in 1981 and am still using it. I decided to buy a second one so I can keep one at the office and one at home. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the HP 12C Platinum has all of the features that I like so much on my 1981 model, and has added some features not included on...
Cons: The only caution I would mention is that the RPN Reverse Polish Notation form of entry is different enough from the standard calculater mode that you will eather hate it or grow to hate the standard mode.
9 years ago

HP12c Financial Calculator

No reviews
Verdict: I absolutely love my HP12c financial calculator . These things have been around for a long time (I've had mine since 1995, so they've been around at least 15 years) and you can still buy them new from HP!
9 years ago

HP 12C Platinum Financial Calculator (Algebraic or RPN)

Verdict: Very happy with the product.
1 year ago

HP 12C F2231A

Verdict: I had an original 12C for years. Lost it, got a 17C about 10 years ago and the keys randomly did work from the day I got it. Finally gave up on it and got a 12C Platinum. Biggest upgrade for me from the 12C is the Algebraic mode (which means inputs are like a normal calculator, 2+2=4) and not...
6 months ago

12" platinum

Verdict: Nice calculator, just need figure out how to use. I bought it as a gift for my husband & he loves it.
3 months ago

Cheap and Flimsy

Verdict: The first one lasted from 1979 to 2010 and was used for hours daily before it died. It also used a watch type battery that lasted forever. Since 2011 I've had two of these s which were used very little yet had many issues.
Cons: Pricey/Poor Value, Short Battery Life, fails to calculate often
4 years ago

HP 12C FInancial Calculator

Verdict: this is the top of the line in financial calculators, the price [...] is the berst would reccomend to everybody looking for a good price for top items I looked long and hard this was the best there was
Pros: Adequate Capabilities, Quality Construction
Cons: Bit of a learning curve
8 years ago


Verdict: Excellent calculator for what I need it for, which is for business calculations. And data can be entered in RPN or Algebraic, so that works for everyone.
5 years ago

Great finance calculator with amazing heritage

Verdict: If you want to look like a cool, intellectual giant - buy this. Ok the polish logic takes some getting used to but what a great piece of kit - all you need for any finance or business role.
5 years ago

Poor Quality and Customer Service

Verdict: I use this calculator for business. My last American made one worked well for 20 years. This made in China model has a key that misses after less than six months. HP will provide a warranty replacement, but indicates that they are out of stock of warranty replacement units.
3 years ago

Nice HP12 Calculator

Verdict: It works great as a financial calculator. Thanks!
3 years ago

Taking Mine Back to the Store

Verdict: If you use any programming on the calculator, you will need to be a rocket scientist. There were books published for the old 12c that gave you programs to use and it is great. The new Platinum uses different "stacks" and the old programs do not work.
Pros: Looks nice
Cons: No supporting programs
12 years ago

good functions question durability

Verdict: Good caluculator for work and personal use. Once you learn how to use the HP 12 c it's difficult to go back to using an ordinary calculator.
Pros: Functions, easy to use, easy to travel with the calculator
Cons: not durable. short life on the instrument
8 years ago
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