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Guerlain Habit Rouge and Its Family : Perfume Review

Verdict: That Habit Rouge is marketed to men should make no difference to women. In 1965, when Habit Rouge was created by Guerlain, the collection had many splendid feminine perfumes like Jicky , Shalimar , L'Heure Bleue , and Mitsouko , but the offerings for men were considerably less outstanding.
5 years ago

Guerlain Heritage

Verdict: I have recently just turned 43 and I have been wearing this fragrance since I was 28, and I still love it today. I love the fact that when sprayed on, it stays on. It's a classy fragrance which I know suits me and it's always nice when people ask "What are you wearing, you smell beautiful".
3 years ago

Love It

Verdict: I have purchased other Guerlain fragrances from JL & have not been disappointed & the story continues! This is a superb fragrance with a unique, long lasting & beautiful smell. I am also glad I purchased the big 150 ml bottle! Highly recommended.
6 months ago

Great frag by Guerlain worn by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones!

Verdict: I love this cherrywood and leather scent! It 's absolutely one of my favorites by Guerlain, and it 's worn by the Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards!
2 years ago


Verdict: super perfume
I am very satisfied with the services of fragrance X since I buy all my perfumes on their site the prices are very good and the delivery time.
I encourage you to become a customer
Pros: Long-Lasting, Sensual
Cons: Pricey / Poor Value
1 year ago

Its my signature perfume

Verdict: For UK residence after paying Tax its no cheaper than in the store.
Pros: Not Overpowering
3 years ago

LOVE this one

Verdict: Guerlain creates masterpieces. This is proof. Super masculine and ultra attractive. Best for cold days and nights. Strong staying power. Worth every dollar. I always replace before I run out
2 years ago

Guerlain Habit Rouge EDT 100ml Mens 2pcs

Verdict: Guerlain discovers contemporary perfumery. Some of you remember the negative hype about releasing Guerlain Homme, and now history is repeating. L'Homme Ideal starts "contemporary hollow" with some citruses and big amount of orange flower.
1 year ago

Great fragrance

Verdict: I bought this for my grandson's 18th birthday after he was caught using his granddad's. He loves it. I must admit all of the men's Guerlain range is lovely. If you want a long lasting fragrance I would definitely recommend.
4 years ago

Habit Rouge EDT

Verdict: Habit Rouge EDT Guerlain Habit Rouge EDT I been wearing Habit Rouge since I was 17yrs Old When I was stii serving my Apperentice @ the House of Leonards in Mayfair and our wages were £5 a week umm the Perfume is timeless and Now @ 57 Contuine to wear it still and Shalimar also as Guerlain is an old...
8 years ago

Acquired taste

Verdict: Bought it as a blind buy, as I'd heard good things about Guerlain, but personally I found this a bit too feminine. Still wear it till the bottle is finished, it's not awful, but just no my taste.
2 years ago

I've used Guerlain's habit rouge for years and love it. To save money

Verdict: I've used Guerlain's habit rouge for years and love it. To save money, I purchased the 6.7-ounce bottle from Amazon, and I believe Guerlain has weakened its strength. The product no longer has the punch and strength it once had, and I have applied to Amazon for a refund.
1 year ago
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