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Grado SR80e

Verdict: Enthusiasts in search of headphones to use in private, stationary spaces need look no further than the Grado Labs SR80e open-backed on-ear headphones. For just $99, this American-made product delivers extremely detailed audio, plush design, and tons of clarity.
5 years ago

Grado SR80e

Verdict: The Grado SR80e are on-ear headphones, the new version of the SR80i released more than half a decade ago. Headphones have changed plenty in that time, but the SR80e are much like the SR80i, but with a slightly tweaked build and redesigned drivers.
Pros: Vital and detailed sound, Fast, punchy bass
Cons: Leaky design, Less than luxurious comfort
2 years ago

Grado SR80e review

Verdict: Open-back on-ear headphones are a rarity, but Grado has knocked this one out of the park
Pros: Excellent treble and midrange detail, Lively sound, Tight bass
Cons: Not the most relaxed sound
1 year ago

Grado Prestige Series SR80e Headphone Review

Verdict: When a headset has ‘A Higher Level of Listening' boasted on the front of the box, it sparks interest immediately. What makes this headset, in comparison to the rest, so much better than that of the any other headset Or at least, how does it provide a higher level of listening
4 years ago

Great quality and value

Verdict: Very comfortable on ear design. I like the slightly old fashioned look. A little bit plasticky compared with the higher value 325's but it makes them lighter and they still sound great, which is what it's all about. Great value and well made with a very thick and durable cable.
6 months ago

Great sounding headphones for a great price !

Verdict: Great sounding headphones for a great price. They are light in weight and comfortable to wear. Build quality is good.
3 years ago

Grado SR80e Headphones

Verdict: Very solid and very comfortable. I probably need to get more used to the open style to give another star, I've been using sound isolating earphones and over ear headphones until now. Granted its new but it feels like it should last a long time.
5 years ago

Grado SR80e

Verdict: I bought the Grado's because I wanted a comfortable great sounding headphone that would not block out ambient noise. They more than fill the bill, the sound is precise, not muddy and I can wear them for long stretches. I am definitely in love with the accurate sound.
Pros: Accurate
1 year ago
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