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Value for money

Grado SR125e

Verdict: When it comes to Grado, some things just don't change. You have to take them for what they are. Many of our comments about the Grado SR125es will have been said before, and will be said again.
Pros: Spacious, detailed, well-timed sound, Comfortable
Cons: Distinctive looks and leaky sound may be too much for some
5 years ago

Grado SR125e

Verdict: While the $150 pricetag of these headphones may scare off many users, they truly will get what they pay for.  When other reviews I have read compare the $150 SR-125's to the $300+ Sennheiser products, and the SR-125's come out on top by a large margin, I think that in itself speaks volumes.
Pros: Audiophile sound quality, Outstanding detail, Excellent soundstage, Music reproduction nearly flawless, Excellent DVD reproduction, Games acquire greater depth, Cheap for the quality delivered
Cons: Uncomfortable until broken in, Not terribly common in retail, Price may scare off some users
15 years ago

" The Hifi made in Brooklyn!" - Jack35mm

Verdict: I have this headphone for 10 months. I am a big fan of headphones, so I tested several before making my choice (Beyerdynamic DT, AKG K701, Audiotechnica ...). Strengths of the Grado SR125: Vintage look, spatial, treble and midrange beautiful, quality / price ratio It has, however, some negatives:...
7 years ago

Grado SR125 Review

Verdict: The Grado SR125s provide the best rock, acoustic, and vocal quality we have heard, but suffer in most electronic categories.  Mild distortion was heard on the lower end, but the overall quality of the sound was great, including for gaming.  The overall design of these headphones cannot be ignored.
Pros: Crisp, punchy sound
Cons: Uncomfortable, unsightly, slip easily
16 years ago

Best I've heard

Verdict: These are the best sounding headphones I've ever heard. I can only imagine what their top of the line phones sound like! Superb low end, punchy and clear. Highs are amazingly open and clear, bright but accurate.
Pros: Excellent sound, in particular the clarity of the lows
Cons: Highs seemed a little bright at first, though not hyped
4 years ago

Great quality!

Verdict: I had the grado 60s before and one of the speakers popped. I like grados quality so I did some research and this one seemed to fit. Amazing quality. They are open ear, so its best to be in a quiet room when you use them if not you'll have to crank the volume and you may still hear the background...
Pros: Great Sound
4 years ago

Grado SR125e

Verdict: Not a bad pair of headphones, but the SR225 is noticeably better. The bass is decent, mids have a "hardness" to them and sound unclear, and highs are typically Grado bright. The SR225 has a smoother and more exciting sound IMO.
5 years ago

Grado SR125e Headphones

Verdict: I upgraded from Grado SR60 to SR125i because the SR60's were 20 years old and were not delivering as I thought they used to. Also, my hearing has degraded somewhat over time and I needed greater fidelity and range from my headset.
10 years ago

Amazing all round

Verdict: I have owned a pair for years tried on everything from an ipod to few thousand pound Linn system.The better source you can throw at them the better they get, also add a DAC and or headphone amp and they really open up. If you care about sound over everything else these are the ones to go for.
2 years ago

Grado SR125 Heaphones

Verdict: The Grado line of Headphones gains in the accolades of consumer reviews across the internet. The audiophile publications have touted their solid build and design which results in truly superb sound reproduction. The SR125 headphones continues in this tradition of superb audiophile delivery.
10 years ago
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