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Product Description

Gain control of your life, and your home, with Google Home Hub! This is a sharp-looking and quick-thinking device, and very reasonably priced in comparison to similar controllers.

Take charge of your day

Voice Match is the perfect way to stay on top of those everyday tasks, allowing you to reference things like calendars, reminders and so much more on the home screen. You can watch the news, make a shopping list, and place Duo voice calls to friends and family who have the Google Duo app installed.

A smart way to manage a smart home

Smart lights, cameras, TVs, appliances, and much more, can be voice-controlled from a single dashboard.

An answer for everything

The Google Home Hub sure knows its stuff. Just ask it! Your questions are answered with visual and immersive responses. Queries about anything from recipes, weather, local business information are answered in a flash, and you can even access how-to videos from YouTube with a spoken command.

A smart DJ

The Google Home Hub will play any form of music you're in the mood for. Once again, just use your voice to play your favourite songs, albums, artists, and music videos from YouTube Music. Spotify and leading radio stations can also be listened to.

An amazing photo album

Google Photos integration is a major selling point in this Home Hub. Use your voice to show any picture that you’ve ever taken in Google Photos, and it will respond. For example, just say: "Hey Google, show me my photos from Hawaii" and aloha...there they are!

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