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GoPro Fusion 360 Camera
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Product Description

GoPro Fusion is a 360-degrees camera that complements the GoPro Hero series. Labelled as the most versatile GoPro ever, which means this model has a lot of features to explore! The key feature is the Fusion's ability to capture 360-degree images like never before.

Six In One

GoPro proclaims the Fusion as "six cameras in one", giving the user 360-degree image capture in 5.2 K resolution at 30p and 3K at 60p. The six cameras onboard help to achieve that, as well as 360-degree audio to go with the images. The resolution of traditional still photos is 18 MP.


A much-talked about feature as the Fusion was introduced was the OverCapture feature, which basically allows the user to "punch out" regular video images from the spherical footage that the Fusion provides.

A Very Inclusive GoPro

The Fusion is inclusive as well, with Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi included. Don't forget the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass... they're in there as well.

Compatibility Counts

One of the big selling points for the Fusion is it is compatible with most GoPro mounts. Talking about compatibility, the Fusion works through the GoPro app.

Waterproof To Five Metres

The GoPro Fusion is built to capture action and needs to be able to handle a bit of rough and tumble. The body of the Fusion is robust as a result, and waterproof up to five metres.

Voice Control

In this day and age of voice control, you'll hardly be surprised to read that the Fusion can operate through voice control in 10 languages.

All-Action Battery Performance

Capturing all that 360-degree action requires great battery life, and the Fusion delivers with continuous 5.2K resolution shooting for 70 minutes, or 3K resolution for 80 minutes.

Other highlights include built-in Wi-fi, a waterproof-design down till 5 metres and the ability to transform spherical footage into flat footage using the OverCapture feature.

A newer model GoPro Max will be released in October 2019.

Product Specifications


  • Optical sensor
  • Image stabiliser
  • Video format
    AVC/H.264 .mov


  • Hard drive size


  • Battery type

Product info

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