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Pricey but outstanding gadget!

Verdict: Bought this couple of weeks ago. Features are well ahead of other existing Gopros. A bit complicated to get started (although I'm using Gopro for 3 years now!). Too sensitive, because of heavy load battery drains out faster than other gopros. But overall an amazing product if you get used to it!
5 months ago

hope you have forever

Verdict: I had very high hopes with the Fusion. I am a google local guide so I only work with 360 cameras. The fusion does do a great job at taking videos and pictures, but that's where it STOPS. Starting off just to let you know I have a top of the line Mac Book Pro, just so you know what I'm working with.
6 months ago

Great Camera!

Verdict: The camera is simple to operate. Stitching the files takes some time (on my MacBook pro) but its worth it for the flexibility it offers as a b-camera on shoots. With the lenses sticking out the way they do, you do have to treat this camera with kid gloves (by keeping it in the case and not setting...
1 year ago

Great camera but check compatibility first.

Verdict: I bought this camera a while ago, and it's a great bit of kit. Definitely a lot of fun for me and the kids. Works well, easy to use regardless of whether you've owned a gopro before or not. My issue with it is there's only about 10 phones that are compatible with the camera when using the app.
9 months ago
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