Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 WindForce OC 6GB GDDR6 Reviews

$553.74 - $836.00 from 19 retailers
   3 reviews
Manufacturer: Gigabyte
User Reviews: 

Fantastic performace for the price and arrived the day after payment was cleared

Verdict: Ordered via V12 finance, as soon as the payment was cleared with V12 it arrived the next day. This product performs on par with the GTX 1070 and GTX 1070TI and at higher resolutions it's very close to the GTX 1080, a fantastic purchase if you're looking to upgrade!
9 months ago

Fast delivery

Verdict: I upgraded from 1050ti and I can see the huge jump in FPS. It's running quite hot though but that's to be expected to an 8-pin OC card. Gaming around 60-75 degrees which is quite decent. 30-35 whilst idle.
8 months ago

Great price to performance point

Verdict: I haven't had a gaming pc before so with this new build I completed I wasn't sure what to expect. When I started playing Metro Exodus for the first time I was shocked at how well the RTX 2060 did.
7 months ago
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