Gbc Fusion 3100L A3 Reviews

Gbc Fusion 3100L A3
$698.99 - $1,338.85 from 2 retailers
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User Reviews: 

The new one seems to work fine.

Verdict: The machine wouldn't work right out of the box. It kept beeping and shut off. I called Swingline and they sent a replacement within a week. The new one seems to work fine.

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4 years ago

Tougher than most

Verdict: and VERY FAST .....first impressions are excellent ...let's hope it lasts the course.

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5 years ago

GBC Fusion 3100L A3 Laminator High Speed up to 350 Microns Ref 4400750

Verdict: We had spent a lot of time and effort researching the correct signs to put up around the factory and when we decided that to save on costs we would make our own and laminate them, we realized that we did not have an A3 Laminator. This GBC fusion 3100L laminator was exactly what we were looking for.

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6 years ago
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