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GamePads Buying Guide

Anyone familiar with the modern world of gaming understands that success tends to begin and end with the amount of control a player has over the functions of the game. This is why there are so many game pads available, but that doesn't usually explain why there are so many variations on this simple theme.

Understanding Function

To begin with, let's just stop and consider that all game pads are meant to provide a gamer with complete control over the results of their gaming experiences. The gamepads are much easier to use than a computer keyboard and a mouse, and this was one of the reasons for the first steps towards the development of modern gamepads.

With the development in wireless technologies, the need for wireless and fully functional game pads appeared too. Of course, the rapid advances in the ways that games operate also necessitated controllers that were more functional as well. This included everything from vibrating game pads to simulate the effects in the game to devices compatible with more than a single system.

Choosing the Right Game Pads

So, how do know which game pads are ideally suited to your needs? It all begins with a single question: What is it that you want the game pad to do?

Do you want it to work only with a single type of game console? Do you want it to be compatible with a diversity of units? Do you need many high end functions and effects? What sorts of games does this controller have to interact with?

These are all very important questions because they can steer you towards the right option or one that will leave you looking for the nearest window to chuck it out!

So, let's begin with the first issue. Does it need to work with one type of console? If the answer is "no", you want to get a universal game pad. The Razer Nostromo or any of the Logitech wireless options are ideally suited to this situation. They are literally of the "plug and play" varieties and can detect what functions you need in order to use the pads properly. Some of these game pads even have vibration options that make the experience even more realistic.

The next thing to consider is whether or not the game pad needs to have a lot of functionality? For instance, the Xbox Common Controller works well with all of the units, but it may not have the many different functions required for the full gaming experience.

The Razer Onza Tournament device, however, is loaded to the hilt with features and functions.

Remember that many modern game consoles have sensors that allow the player to utilize special game pads that keep track of movement. For example, the player with the Nintendo Wii Nunchuk must use this sort of game pad if they are to enjoy the full functionality of the device. Without it, in fact, the games are not going to function at all.

This takes us to the final issue to consider: What games does the game pad have to interact with? This may mean that you absolutely have to invest in the game pad that works specifically with the system if you are to get the best results. That may mean investing in a special sensor, that detects the pad and tracks movement, plus it could require you to buy a device packaged specifically for one type of game. The Mad Catz PS3 Modern Warfare 2 Combat game pad is an extremely good example of this sort of "essential" equipment.

Final Considerations

So, a game pad buyer really has to consider what they want from the investment. Because technology seems to advance at such a rapid pace it is a good idea to invest in the most flexible and accommodating game pad for your playing preferences. Keep in mind that your gaming preferences may demand that you use a gamepad that gives feedback in the form of movement or vibration, or that you may feel happiest when the game pad has very few functions and keys.

Also remember that many game pads are made of somewhat inferior materials and that you may find yourself doing poorly in a game because the buttons are not responsive. This is a reason to compare game pads and to shop around between different vendors before making the final decision.

Seriously consider user feedback where game pads are concerned because the gaming world is one in which unhappy device users will often leave many comments about poor quality devices. While you cannot usually "test drive" any devices before using them, by making a detailed checklist of the things you expect from the device, you should be able to narrow down the choices to one that will give all that is required and allow the best gaming possible.

Popular Gamepads Brands

Popular Gamepads brands are Microsoft, Sony and Logitech.

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