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Product Description

The Fujitsu ASTG14LUCA/AOTG14LUC provides one of the best forms of air conditioning. This unit is energy efficient and provides cool air on a hot summer day.

The unit has many excellent features. That is what makes it such an excellent buy. The up/down louvre automatically swings up and down.

There is an auto restart. If the power goes out, the machine will restart itself in the same operating mode, once the power is restored.

There is also an easy to use program timer. Turning it on and off is extremely easy. There is also the Economy mode that reduces the operation current. Plus, this helps to save electric.

The on/off timer can be preset to operate once every 24 hours. You can set the unit to come on before you come home and cool down your home.

An added feature is the Apple-catechin filter. It is perfect for eliminating mold and other micro-organisms. They are absorbed by the filter by static electricity and further growth is inhibited and deactivated by the polyphenol ingredient extracted from apples.

On top of that you get an Auto-Changeover. This air conditioner switches from cooling to heating automatically.

Take advantage of the automatic louvre. They can be adjusted with the remote control.

With this air conditioning unit, you get an Automatic Air Flow Adjustment. If auto mode is chosen, the micro-processor adjusts the airflow according to the temperature. This device is all DC and as a result, less power is consumed.

With the Fujitsu ASTG14LUCA/AOTG14LUC, you also get Blue Fin Heat Exchanger. This feature helps to reduce corrosion.

During the night time, the micro-processor alters the room temperature. The result is a more comfortable night's sleep.

If you choose the auto mode, the micro-processor adjusts the airflow according to the temperature in the room.

Anyone looking for a powerful cooling and heating system will love the Fujitsu ASTG14LUCA/AOTG14LUC. Enjoy all of its features. The best part is that it is durable and built to last. If you are looking for an outstanding cooling and heating system, don't wait any longer to get the Fujitsu ASTG14LUCA/AOTG14LUC. Your home will be filled with cleaner air.

Product Specifications

  • Style
    High wall 
  • Heating COP
  • Cooling EER
Control features
  • 24 hour timer
  • Number fan speeds
  • Inside noise
    25 dB
  • Outside noise
    50 dB
Operating range
  • Min operating temperature
    -15 °C
Energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency ratio(EER)
  • Heating capacity
    5.4 kW
  • Cooling capacity
    4.2 kW
  • Rating cooling
    2 stars
  • Rating heating
    2.5 stars
Product info
  • List date PriceMe
    24 October 2012