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Football Boots Buying Guide

A great pair of football boots won't necessarily turn you into a superstar but they will give you the support and comfort you need whatever level you aspire to. 

Just because your favourite player wears and endorses a certain type of boot, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Every foot is different, and every position requires a specific boot for optimum support and performance, so be sure to look at other brands.  

Your boots should feel so comfortable you hardly know you're wearing them. That means they should be snug, rather than tight. Leather uppers will stretch more than synthetic materials, especially when they get wet. For this reason, many boots are manufactured from a combination of the two. 

Studs are also important, as there are some better suited for soft grounds e.g. changeable metal studs, and others that do the business in firm ground. e.g. moulded studs. Of course, some boots will have multi-ground studs for all conditions but if you're playing at a higher level you might want more condition-specific studs.  

The shape of your feet, and even the length of your toes, will dictate the best boot for you. For example, high arches might require more cushioning. Different positions will also require specific boots. For example, attacking players might prefer lightweight boots which make it easy to change direction at pace. 

The boots you choose should not only assist your performance, but also enhance protection and safety so your feet feel good after the match as well as during it! With this in mind, ask for expert advice rather than rely on a celebrity opinion. 

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