Fisher & Paykel WA70T60GW1

Fisher & Paykel WA70T60GW1
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Product Description

The WashSmart is perfect for anyone who likes to have control over their washing machine. It features the latest technology and won't leave you disappointed. With five wash cycles, there is something for every type of clothing. There are options which include Soak, Eco, and Quick Wash. This machine offers automatic temperature sensing, which helps to provide a more effective wash.

This machines helps to simplify your life and is perfect for working professionals. That is the essence of the Fisher & Paykel WA70T60GW1 WashSmart. A washing machine is made up of many parts. With the WashSmart, you don't have to worry about things going wrong. The washer is constructed of just three parts: a flexible agitator, a computer, and a direct drive motor.

SmartDrive Technology will help you determine how much water to use. Some people overestimate how much water they need to use. Washington is based on a chemical reaction. Therefore too much water leads to a diluted detergent and your clothes don't come out as clean.

The SmartDrive system features an inbuilt thermometer that allows you to mix water at the required temperature. This allows one to wash clothes in cooler temperatures through-out the year. As a result, you get better performance.

One feature is allergy cycle. This cycle helps to reduce traces of dust mites and bugs. These is perfect for people with asthma in your home. With the WashSmart, you get a lot of added features without spending a lot.

People love the easy iron cycle. This helps to reduce creases in the load. With this cycle, fewer spin speeds are used, which minimises wrinkles. There is a lot to love about the Fisher & Paykel WA70T60GW1 WashSmart.

Another feature is favourite cycle which allows you to design the wash cycle. You can select any cycle and any option. These gives you many options.

This washer offers powerful spin cycles. The help to reduce excess moisture and help to reduce drying times. There is a lot to love about the WashSmart. It makes washing convenient and improves efficiency. This is one machine that you will love.

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  • Quiet operation
  • Efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet
  • Easy to use

Product Specifications

  • Load type
    Top load 
  • Type
    Washing machine 
  • Capacity
    7.0 kg
    Bottom 20%
  • Spin speed
    1000 rpm
  • Width
    60 cm
  • Colour/material
  • Design type
Energy ratings
  • Energy rating
    2.0 stars
Water rating
  • Water rating
    3.5 stars
Water data
  • Max hot water inlet temp
    75 °C
  • Min. water pressure
    34 kPa
  • Annual energy consumption
    566 kWh
    Bottom 20%
  • Cycle time
    43 mins
  • Noise
    63 dBA
    Bottom 20%
  • Test cycle
    Regular, cold, auto fill, fast spin-speed 
  • Water consumption / wash
    141 L
Physical Specs
  • Height
    105.00 cm
  • Width
    60.00 cm
  • Depth
    60.00 cm
Product info
  • List date PriceMe
    25 June 2011