★★★★ 4.4
5 Reviews
Goldair GCDF141
Classic, 50 W
Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2
Floor Fan, 30.2 dB, Speed level, 45 W
Goldair GCPF105
Classic, Floor Fan, 50 W
Goldair GCDF131
Classic, Table Fan, 40 W
★★★★ 1.0
1 Review
Goldair GCDF121
Classic, 30 W
Goldair GCAT400
Classic, 55 W
Goldair GAS10
Tower Fan, 60 W
Goldair GCCF120
Ceiling Fan, 75 W
★★★★★ 5.0
2 Reviews
Goldair GPTF380
Tower, 45 W
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Electric Fans Buying Guide

Fans are a fast and easy cooling solution in so many different ways, as this guide will confirm! Here are the main types of fans you can buy, along with the features you should look out for.    

Basic Is Cool

You really don't have to splash out a lot for a fan. Even the most basic low-cost models will do the job, provided you don't want added features like adjustability, remote control operation or extreme cooling power. Basic models are best in a small space where there's a limited area to keep cool; if that's all you want, then you can get a good fan for next to nothing.  

So Many Ways To Cool Off

The most common fans include pedestal fans, where a grilled head unit contains the blades - best for small to medium rooms. Tower fans are usually an elegant design which takes up little floor space, and the power airflow generated from a compact body makes this fan best suited for medium to large rooms. Desk fans are for a more personal cooling experience while you work, rather than a whole room solution, while floor fans usually have large fan heads, making them good cooling solutions for rooms of all sizes - however, as kids can easily reach the blades on floor fans, think carefully about where you'll use them.    

Family-Friendly Fans

Little fingers can find the whirring blades of a fan irresistible. For family homes, you can choose a fan where the blades are concealed i.e. tower fans, or you can buy a space-age fan with no blades at all! You might pay a little more, but think of the peace of mind this investment gets you.  

Cool And Controlled From Afar

On days when it is just too hot to move an inch, a fan-operated by a remote control is a gift! These fans not only make life easy, but they are also relatively inexpensive.

Energy Efficient Cooling

Most fans are relatively cheap to run, but to further boost savings on your power look for fans with Eco mode or DC motors. Not only will they reduce power use, but they're also environmentally friendly. Expert retailers should be able to give you a clear idea of the power use for different types of fans. For even more energy-efficiency, look for fans with auto-timer features that switch themselves off after a set period of time.    

Portability And Adjustability

The best fan nz is one that works in a variety of situations and in different ways. So, look for a fan with a built-in handle so you can easily move it from room to room, and with adjustable height and oscillation settings. The more flexible these settings are, the greater the area they can keep cool.

No Night Noise

How many times have you gone to bed on a hot night with the fan running, only to be kept awake by the sound of whirring blades? Fortunately, several models now feature acoustic technology that delivers near-silent operation, and a much better night's sleep!

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