Edifier M1370BT Reviews

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Manufacturer: Edifier
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Bluetooth Speaker System : Edifier M1370BT

Verdict: Adding to its range of audio devices, Edifier has developed a speaker system with the model number of M1370BT
3 years ago

Edifier M1370BT 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System Review

No reviews
Verdict: Right after taking a look at the overall product dimensions and specifications, we lowered our expectations for the audition stage; after checking out some YouTube music videos though, the system did surprise us with the overall quality at decent volume levels, which would make it a very good...
3 years ago

It's a very decent 2. 1 system for the ...

Verdict: It's a very decent 2.1 system for the money. I wasn't expecting much of it, but was pleasantly surprised. The subwoofer can't handle much bass though. I bought it for my TV, to improve a bit the sound when watching series or movies. I would say it does it's job.
4 years ago

Great Speakers

Verdict: Nice mid range sound, Nice design, no power cable to the speakers like Logitechs just to the Sub.
5 years ago

"Best Speaker Brand In The World!"

Verdict: This speaker is awesome and SOUNDS AMAZING! Would easily purchase another Edifier Speaker again.
2 years ago

Edifier M1370BT

Verdict: Work flawlessly. Great sound, brilliant connectivity. I am satisfied with the product. They are a very good value for money purchase.
3 years ago

very good product why not given warranty servicing in Bhubaneswaswar odisha

Verdict: very good product why not given warranty servicing in Bhubaneswaswar odisha. Please call that service center. Contact No. 0674 6450009. Service Engineer No. 07381021404. immediately call that service center For Give me service for my Edifire .
3 years ago
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