EVGA GeForce GT 630 1GB DDR3 Reviews

$93.15 from Haiwing Fashion IT
   7 reviews
Manufacturer: EVGA
User Reviews: 

To fit-easy. The result - excellent

Verdict: So easy. Open computer. Unscrew old unit. Unplug. Plug in new. Add screw. Plug cables in same order as before. Close box. Switch on. Picture better than the old one ever was, and that driver unit was four times the price. It is quieter too. Happy customer.
6 years ago

Awesome graphics card.

Verdict: This card can run BF3 on ultra and GW2 along with COD: Black Ops II well above medium-high settings. It made a great replacement for my GeForce 7350 LE 128mb & GeForce 8400 GS 512mb.
6 years ago

Not great for gaming

Verdict: OK card. can play games on low settings only. For a general card it works well. For gaming try something else.
6 years ago

Decent little card

Verdict: 1-The fan on one of them was so flimsy it started making a weird buzzing noise and after trying to correct it, I noticed the fan had broke only had 3 blades and the other parts were missing. This machine never moved after the card was installed so where those other pieces went is a mystery.
Pros: The price of this card is great. Under 100 bucks you can't go wrong. If your looking to upgrade to a newer card at a extreme budget or just something to add a little extra power this is the card. Great software from Nvidia lets youoptimize game performance based on your card and other hardware.
Cons: The only things that kept this from being a 5 egg product is the 2 issues I have had with them. These are two separate issues from two separate cards in two different machines
6 years ago

Great video card

Verdict: casual user
Pros: Easy To Install, Easy To Use, Good Graphics Quality, Reliable Performance
5 years ago


Verdict: Works great with my photoshop program
5 years ago

Good Card That Working With Mac Pro 1.1

Verdict: Bought this graphic card for 50$ during the sale in Canada. The card doesn't need additional power cables and runs cool and quiet in my mac pro 1.1 My old graphic card burned out, so I had a choice to spend 150$ on used mac card from ebay or 50$ on this one.
6 years ago
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