DishTV T2200

DishTV T2200
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In this day and age, we want to be able to watch TV according to our own schedule, and not to the schedule of broadcasters. The DishTV 2200 makes that possible.

Record, Pause, Rewind

The DishTV 2200 is a terrestrial recorder, allowing you to record your favourite shows to watch at a time that suits you. The device can record two programmes at once, while you are watching a third programme, or you can record a show while watching On Demand.

Hours Of Recording Pleasure

With 1 TB of hard drive built in, the DishTV 2200 is able to record around 500 hour’s worth of content.

Making A Plan

Going through the shows you’d like to record is made easy with a TV guide that goes forward, and back, by eight days at a time, so you can plan your viewing well in advance. With series linking, it is possible to easily record an entire season.   

Freeview Viewing And Radio Listening

A feature of the DishTV 2200 is you can watch all Freeview/HD tv channels, as well as tune into popular radio stations.

Built-In WiFi

WiFi allows you to access internet-driven features, and also enables automatic updates of the system when connected to the net.   

U Need UHF

As this is a terrestrial recorder, it operates through a UHF aerial rather than through a satellite dish. Make sure you have this sort of set up before you buy!

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