Dior Homme Sport EDT (2017 Edition) 75ml Reviews

Dior Homme Sport EDT (2017 Edition) 75ml
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Dior Homme Sport by Christian Dior ~ fragrance review

Verdict: Christian Dior's Dior Homme , judging from online fragrance websites, is a beloved cologne with high approval ratings, but Dior Homme smells ordinary (and cloying) to me. Dior Homme begat several flankers: Dior Homme Cologne , Dior Homme Intense and now, Dior Homme Sport.

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10 years ago
NST Perfume
Verdict: This starts with the wonderful scent of DHI mixed with candle smoke, like a small church filled with flowers. Then all of it is gone and the smell of boots kicks that beautiful image right off your face. How could they do such a thing I really dislike leathers, so it just does not work for me.

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7 months ago

Was bought as a gift and they loved it!

Pros: Clean & Fresh, Draws Compliments, Great Smell, Long-Lasting, Not Overpowering, Sexy
Verdict: Bought as a gift and they loved it!
7 months ago
Verdict: Uplifting scent, it is very fresh and smelling good, versatile, you'll get compliments wearing this one, i didn't try 2012 version but i got a sample from this one and it is really really good one, it is not a beast mode when it comes to silage but it is okay, some scents are meant to be like...

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1 year ago

Favorite men's scent

Pros: Clean & Fresh, Great Smell, Long-Lasting, Not Overpowering
Cons: Too Expensive
Verdict: This was purchased as a gift for a friend who specifically asked for it.

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1 year ago

Five Stars

Verdict: Great product thanks. Excellent delivery service. Thanks

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1 year ago

Not as good as I thought.

Pros: Not Overpowering
Cons: Too Expensive, Too Weak
Verdict: Use it everyday. Fragrance not very strong and doesn't last very long.

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1 year ago
Verdict: I've heard a lot about this one, then I decided to try. And to be sincere, it was just like a "Meh...", I mean, after 30 minutes it totally disappeared. If you're looking for a casual scent with ginger notes, try L'homme by Yves Saint Laurent.
1 year ago

can be found in better prices in stores

Verdict: can be found in better prices in stores. the title of the product misled me to think it was 3.4 oz while i got the small amount . the ODT though smells fantastic.

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1 year ago
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