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Dell UltraSharp U2718Q

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Verdict: Choosing a quality monitor can be hard work if you haven't done your research. There are numerous acronyms and buzzwords to get to grips with, including 4K, 5K, UHD, FreeSync and G-Sync, to name but a few, and you can now add HDR to the list. What is HDR?
Pros: 4K UHD resolution, Ultra-slim InfinityEdge bezels, Element of future proofing with HDR, Three-year warranty, Versatile stand
Cons: HDR support in Windows is lacking, No HDMI cable in the box, HDR not available via DisplayPort, Some evidence of backlight bleed
2 years ago

Don't Hestitate to Buy

Verdict: I purchased this when it was $70 off. I was originally going to buy a an older Dell 4K that didn't have the same thin bezel or USB 3.0 hub. I'm glad I went with this model. It has excellent color. I'm not a professional. I just wanted a monitor that felt like a retina experience.
1 year ago

Dell UltraSharp U2718Q 27" 4K Monitor With Infinity Edge and Dell HDR , IPS Panel , 3840 x 2160 , HDMI+DisplayPort+MiniDisplayPort+ USB HUB ,

Verdict: This monitor looks terrible in MacOS Mojave on a Mac mini 2018. It appears that reds aren't very sharp while a white text on lack back ground is sharp. We've got an old U2515H and a Philips 258B6QU that both look amazing on the same setup at the canonical resolution (2560 x 1440).
12 months ago

Dell U2718Q 27in

Verdict: Was so happy unpacking & setup the new monitor. Connected it with Macbook Pro with mini DP 2018 and Windows gaming PC with DP, everything was fine -- until the second day when I turned it on it shows a white screen with horizontal lines. The screen slowly turns into yellow and green color.
5 months ago

A Superb Monitor!

Verdict: This is a superb Dell Monitor that I ordered from B&H in early August 2018. B&H not only had the monitor that I wanted, but they had it at a very good price. I ordered it and it was delivered the next day. I considered this to be superb service! Needless to say, I am a very pleased customer.
1 year ago

Dell U2718Q 27in

Verdict: Great monitor. 27" and above 4k is really a must. I tried a 1440p in the same size and it looked rubbish. I haven't calibrated it but out of the box photos looked excellent.
9 months ago

lovely design and great display

Verdict: I've been using this display for about three weeks now and its so nice. The buttons are subtle and easy to use, with the stand itself easy to slide up and down to adjust height. It's really sleek design and looks lovely in general.
2 months ago

Dell U2718Q 27in

Verdict: Stylish monitor with a functional height adjustment and good quality screen
1 year ago

Amazing Quality, but features fall short

Verdict: This monitor with specs listed on paper will introduce you to the new greatest monitor technology, HDR. The pictures make you believe you'll encounter the same jaw dropping visuals, however, it definitely falls short of anything like advertised.
1 year ago
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