David Beckham Homme EDT 75ml Reviews

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Manufacturer: David Beckham
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Verdict: I bought this for my lovely boyfriend for valentines day and he LOVED it!! He now smells ultra GORGEOUS which is surprising as we normaly disagree on perfume smells!!! This product was delivered well and nicely wrapped up!!! Thank you superdrug for making my boyfriend happy!!
6 years ago

Great Scent!

Verdict: My husband wears this scent and I absolutely love it. Its a very musky, masculine smell. Its definitely got some citrus notes that you can smell after it's been on the skin for some time. My husband generally has problems spraying fragrance directly on his skin, as it causes an itchy reaction.
1 year ago

One Star

Verdict: fake
2 years ago

Not bad for a celebrity scent

Verdict: When I went to visit my boyfriend recently, one of the first things I noticed on his bedside table was a new bottle of Signature Story for Him. His regular gym scent used to be Signature for Him and once that was gone, (since I expressed my dislike of it), I assumed that there would be no more...
7 years ago

keep the cats away

Verdict: No wonder victoria looks so miserable all the time if David wears this muck. It smells like baby sick, mixed with really cheap talc. Awful
1 year ago

Great for quality/price

Verdict: Let me start by saying that I have owned a lot of colognes, many of which really expensive ones as my best fiends wife is an editor for a beauty magazine, she always used to give me full colognes before they even hit the market. I always ended up going back to my Target Beckham cologne..
1 year ago

Very Nice

Verdict: A friend recommended this aftershave to me a while ago and I have been using it ever since. I love it and it smells very nice. The scent fades after a couple of hours, but then that is quite normal with most aftershaves.
2 weeks ago

David Beckham Homme Perfume

No reviews
Verdict: David Beckham has released a new fragrance. Like always, I was one of those who got an early sample of it. The new scent is called Homme . This means "man" in French. The appearance of the scent is quite unconventional from the David Beckham collection.
6 years ago

A very solid scent

Verdict: **Introduction** It was my 29th Birthday last Saturday and when my Dad asked me what I would like I asked for Cash and a David Beckham eau de toilette. He bought me this one which I had not had yet but had owned the other products in the "Homme" range which are the deodorant and shower gel.
5 years ago

Beckham Homme fragrance

Verdict: Lovely fragrance - but of course likeability is subjective. We like it. Very good value.Used previously thats why bought again
3 years ago
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