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Dash Cameras Buying Guide

Car dash cameras can be key witnesses to traffic accidents, or road rage incidents. If you want a dash cam to act as another set of eyes in your vehicle, here's what to look for.

GPS As A Backup

An important back-up to what your dashboard camera sees is a GPS function, which can match speed and location to the video recording.

Built-In Screen

Look for a car dash camera with a built-in display screen. This not only allows you to check alignment when setting up your dash cam, but also means you can review footage without a computer.

Action Upon Impact

Some car dashboard cameras start working when they feel the impact of another vehicle. Good for capturing footage of an offending vehicle from the front, and for recording date and time of impact.

It Starts When You Start

Ask for a car dash camera that starts as soon as you start the car, and also deactivates at a set time after you've turned off the car.

Loop The Loop

Continuous loop captures a set period of footage until the memory is full, and then it starts recording over old footage. Obviously, the longer the loop, the more action you record.

Easy To Mount, And To Move

Mounting the dash cam securely, so it stays in place and aligned is crucial. Better models offer stable mounts to achieve this, while making it easy to remove the camera at the same time, should you wish to use the dashboard cam in another vehicle.

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