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Dakine is a company located in the United States. They specialize in the field of outdoor apparel, and they make a wide range of different types of products for outdoor enthusiasts. The company has a great reputation, and they are a popular brand for those who love the outdoors. The current owner of the company is Altamont Capital Partners, who bought it in 2013.

The History of Dakine

The company started in Hawaii, as one would guess from the name. The word "dakine" is a part of the Hawaiian Pidgin dialect, and it means the kind. While the company may have started in Hawaii, a place where people obviously love their outdoor sports, they eventually moved to Oregon. When they were founded in 1979 in Maui, Rob Kaplan had a goal of creating a company that would be able to make high quality, durable products that would meet the needs of many different outdoor sports. They came to be known for making some of the best quality backpacks in the field.

The company quickly developed a good reputation in the field of making quality and rugged products. They created a wide range of different product lines since their inception. They offer things such as outerwear, bags and packs, and luggage. They continually made more and more items catered specifically to those who spend time in the outdoors.

In 2009, Billabong International Limited bought the company for approximately $100 million. Just a couple of years later, in 2013, they moved the headquarters of the company from Hawaii, where they had been since 1979, to Oregon right along the Columbia River. In 2013, Billabong actually sold the company to Altamont Capital Partners who owns the company today.


Because the company makes products based in a variety of outdoor sports, it is only natural that they sponsor a number of athletes involved with these sports. They work with athletes who surf, skate, snowboard, bike, ski, windsurf and kite. Some of the surfers they work with include Jake Halstead, Matte Meolo and Ian Walsh. They work with skaters Chris Haslam, Nick Tucker, Sean Conover, and Shawn Hale. They work with skiers Anna Segal and Eric Pollard, and snowboarders Austin Smith and JP Walkter. These are just a handful of the many excellent athletes who are on the Dakine teams.

By sponsoring these teams, it helps Dakine to gain more brand recognition as well as respect in the field. It also ensures that they are supporting the sports that are in turn supporting them. The more people who get into these and other outdoor sports the better it is for the company.

Additionally, the teams they sponsor help to advertise the Dakine products. Again, this helps to spread the awareness of the brand, and it has been instrumental in getting more people to learn about Dakine over the years. This is a good blend of marketing and showing support for outdoor sports.

What Does the Company Make?

Even though Dakine has gone through several owners in the past couple of years, it has not affected the way they do business or their dedication to the products they create and the customers they serve. They are still creating some of the best backpacks, bags, gloves, outerwear, and accessories for men and women on the market today. The company makes a variety of apparel, including headwear, belts, t-shirts, and even tools for skateboarders. They are able to blend style and form along with function and durability, which is essential for those who are going to be using these packs and other items in the great outdoors.

Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with these types of products, and they are widely used in the United States and around the world. People love the brand thanks to the quality and the variety of styles and options available. The products are available through various retail stores today, and it is easy to find the products online, as well. The company has a stellar reputation in the business and most who are into these sports know the brand quite well. Though they have plenty of competition, they remain one of the best loved brands in the field.

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