D-Link DCS-931L Reviews

D-Link DCS-931L
$77.10 from Elive
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Simple and Easy to use

Verdict: We use these cameras to monitor our goat barn and outer buildings. We just moved to a new larger farm and it is our second go round with building a camera network utilizing these cameras and Blue Iris software to create "Goat TV" on our living room large screen TV while at home as well as utilizing...

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2 years ago

Great little product

Verdict: I set this in my lobby to see when my clients arrive. It was easy to set up and I can access the feed from my computer and smart phone. The power cord is short, doesnt look good along the corner of my wall. Does need to be reset occasionally. Happy with it.
3 years ago
Circuit City

D-Link 931L

Pros: For the price, they get the job done and serve the purpose that I bought them. Set up was pretty straight forward with my D-Link router. And since I have a D-Link Home Cloud App-Enabled router I was able to easily set up "mydlink" account" which allows me to view my cameras online.
Cons: My con isn't toward the camera. It's the Java software that's needed to view the live video.Slow!!! :-
Verdict: I've had nothing but good experiences with tech support. Recently I had to call in because I was unable to access the advance settings. I spoke with Rochelle (ID #AR004211). She was great.
4 years ago

Works for me

Verdict: I dont understand the negatives reviews for this product. Maybe its a hit or miss with the quality of the product. I had my unit up and running within 20 minutes. Quality is good as long as the room is bright. Sound is OK at best. (Windows 8 on my PC and iOS8 on my phone).

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4 years ago


Pros: The box is nice. Twist ties around the cords were nice
Cons: Had to do full manual set up despite having WPS. "trigger recording" is not possible on a mac (software isn't available long time to connect
Verdict: "sound/motion detection - trigger recording and send email alerts". Except there is no way for it to record. Maybe with a dedicated PC... I don't know. couldn't download the software to find out. The apps are only for live viewing.
4 years ago

works great

Verdict: I have the dcs 930L and the dcs 931L. Cofiguration: Wireless: connected Sound: off Led: off Motion: on Email alerts: configured to work with yahoo No problems, user friendly, works as advertised. I get email alerts on my ipad and my sam S4. Like I said no problems. No reconnect problems.
4 years ago

mp4 is much better than mjpeg

Verdict: mp4 is much better than mjpeg. mp4 ( h.264 ) camera frame rates also drop but not as much as mjpeg. Currently on a 4Mbps line I am getting a min frame rate of 13 to 15 fps. whereas on the mjpeg camera I was getting min frmae rate of 4 to 10 fps which was really low.
4 years ago


Verdict: Range extender mode not that great. Camera video quality not that great. Pixel quality should be available in product specs.

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4 years ago

Decent Camera

Verdict: Works well over LAN as well as in remote viewing. A small issue is that the Wifi AP should not be placed far from this camera, else it would not maintain a stable connection.
4 years ago

Great basic camera

Pros: Quiet, Easy to Use, Design, Performance
Cons: Expensive
Verdict: This is a good basic camera but for a few more dollars you can get a camera that does so much more. Has great sound but I needed two way audio, night viewing, as well as the ability to pan and tilt. I saw in the description that it has two way audio but I also saw where it says one way audio.
5 years ago

Huge disappointmet

Verdict: No sound in Android app. Took forever to get setup. The resolution is horrible if you attempt to view the camera from a network outside of your home. Doesn't work with Mac OS X 10.6.8 (javascript 7 isn't supported in older versions of Mac). I'd stay away from this cam.
5 years ago
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