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We all want our homes and working spaces to have the utmost quality and to reflect our style. This is something we achieve through major statements, such as our choices in furnishings and colours, but also in the details such as the hardware, levers and handles installed in bathrooms and other living spaces. The d line series of award winning products understands the importance of such details and has been making high quality products for decades.

A Brief Look at d line

The origins of the d line brand are in 1971 when the company's first lever (a u-shaped model) was manufactured. That was followed by the l-shaped model, and this established the brand's reputation as clean, minimalist, and high quality.

The initial designs were the work of company founder Knud Holscher, an architect who had been exploring ironmongering while doing work on Catherine's College in the 1960s. Seeking a consistent theme in the pieces needed, Holscher realized that he may have to create a custom solution.

This extended into a career in designing further lines and pieces, and today he has a wide array of stainless steel products that coordinate seamlessly. Known for their simplistic style, they are noted as providing the same visual expression, allowing designers and architects to enjoy a reliable and easy to integrate series of products.

The d line Brands

More than just a single series or brand, d line is actually comprised of three distinct brands. They are:

  • d line - Known as the firm's most complete series of hardware and bathroom products, it is the result of Knud Holscher's many years of work. With a history of more than 40 years of use, it is a "timeless" style that can be easily integrated into almost any scheme. The company describes this line as one that can "support the architect in the quest for a homogenous visual expression relating the parts and detail of an environment to the architectural whole." Offering strength and durability it is also a series that provides superior function and design. It is distinguished by four different product groups: Hardware, Bathroom, Adv. Hardware, and Washroom. They all use the most robust version of stainless steel and are guaranteed for 20 years. They have been crafted to withstand decades of use in high humidity environments and are ideal in bathrooms.

  • Ikons - A unique range of door accessories and levers, it is the result of professional architectural design. Featuring classic lines, these levers are meant to enhance the appearance of even the finest doors, and run the gamut from rounded shapes to very modern edgy styles. They are made from brass and stainless steel and are the reflection of the d line commitment to quality but also of the individual aesthetics of the architects who designed them. The designers include Arne Jacobsen, Annelise Bjoner, Aarstiderne, Bjarke Ingels Group, Cubo, Cubo Cut, Henning Larsen, Jean Nouvel, OneN, PLH Architects, SHL Design, Transform, and Vilhelm Lauritzen

  • BASE - Considered the most cost conscious line from the firm, it is almost as comprehensive in its variety as the d line series, but it is available in a range of prices amenable to almost any budget. It offers a complete assortment of bathroom hardware and products suitable to commercial settings as well as homes. Formed from stainless steel, they are classic in design and functional in an array of decor schemes. This series is in two product groups: Hardware and Accessories, and are in a stain finish. This series also features mirror shelves, hooks, towel racks, toilet brushes, soap dispensers and pedal bins in coordinating designs and with the same durability and quality.

With a presence in dozens of countries and on all continents except South America, the d line brand is a truly classic one. Active since the 1970s, it has garnered a reputation for functional and yet beautifully designed products that include a comprehensive range of solutions. Whether you are an architect or designer in need of a scheme for a multi floor project or you are a homeowner searching for an elegant, clean, and well made range of handles, levers and other hardware for your living space, look to the options available in d line's three well made brands.


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