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Cycling Shoes Buying Guide

Choosing the right cycling shoe will help you enjoy better performance and comfort. Here's what to look out for. 

One shoe does not fit all

There are different shoes for different cycling disciplines. For example, road shoes are stiffer and have a thinner sole to reduce energy loss between foot and the pedal. Meanwhile, mountain biking shoes have a padded sole and recessed cleats which make walking easy. This is why mountain biking shoes are ideal for city bikers, commuters or casual riders.

Fit for your feet

Buy shoes about a half-size smaller than your normal size as this will ensure a good, tight fit. If your feet slide around in the shoe, you really need to go down a half-size. 

Different brands offer different widths

Your favourite brand might not suit the width of your foot, as this specification can vary between manufacturers. So, be prepared to look at other brands, not just your preferred one, as another company might offer you a better fit.

Be a material person

Consider the materials very carefully. Look for a moisture-wicking material that will draw perspiration away from your foot so it doesn't slip around inside the shoe. To give your feet a chance to breathe properly, look for mesh patches too.

Try it before you buy it

No matter what sort of riding you do, you must always try before you buy. The same goes for any shoe, really. Always try them on with the socks you'll wear while you're out on your ride. Plus, if you ride in cold weather, make sure your shoes have enough room for a thicker, warmer sock.

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