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Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender CSB-77 Immersion Blender

Verdict: This stainless steel immersion blender is a great choice
Pros: Fully puréed a thick vegetable soup in 90 seconds, Can crush frozen fruit for a thick smoothie, Ergonomic grip, Blending shaft detaches for cleaning, Comes with a plastic beaker, Large balloon whisk attachment included, Chopper attachment, Comes with a thorough instruction manual that includes...
Cons: Only has one speed, Some parts are hand-wash only
9 years ago

Skip this

Verdict: I had been using an old Braun stick blender that I loved but it needed to be replaced. The Cuisinart I purchased came with a bowl attachment -- what a waste of money. I used it fewer than 10 times and the plastic components that operated the blades w ... ere completely stripped.
8 years ago

Not impressed with the durability...

Verdict: As much as I love my immersion blender, I am very disappointed with this replacement shaft. While the original blade endured nearly 5 years of use, this blade broke off the shaft after less than 2 months of use. The most strenuous blending this one had to endure was lattes.
1 year ago

Awesome hand blender

Verdict: It's nearly winter and with that comes soups in my household. I use to have to take out cups of soup in my blender then pour back. Now that I have this Cuisinart hand blender I just pop it inside my slow cooker when the soup is ready and a little cream to mixture and presto.
4 years ago

Cuisinart SmartStick hand blender

No reviews
Verdict: I like to drink the powdered breakfast drinks. The problem is that sometimes they are difficult to get blended together with the milk. Recently, I purchased a Cuisinart SmartStick hand blender . I don't know how I managed to do my instant drinks without it!
6 years ago

i chose the csb-77 .

Verdict: after my old blender bit the dust i looked for a more solid appliance. the old blender worked well for small jobs, but i do a lot of canning, making marinara sauce, pizza sauce and salsa, so needed a more powerful blender/chopper.
Pros: i like the fact i can chop foods and puree with the same appliance
Cons: it is made in china.  it would look good to see made in the usa
8 years ago

Great product - great price.

Verdict: It was a gift. The reciever loved it and has used it a number of times for different applications. Compact and powerful. Just right for a smaller kitchen.
6 years ago

Love this hand blender

Pros: I had one of these for 6 years before it gave up the ghost. Used it on a daily basis from simple mixing up of vitamin drinks and shakes to batters, creaming butter and sugar, soups and the like. So those plastic gears hold up pretty well.
Cons: Faster to chop stuff with a knife than with the chopper attachment because you have to do such small batches to get consistent results
6 years ago

Great hand blender

Verdict: My old hand Cuisinart hand blender finally died...after 12 years! Getting another one was a no-brainer...this one is even more powerful! Hope it lasts as long as the other one~
6 years ago

Cusiinart Smart Stick Hand Blender Makes Kitchen Tasks Easier

Verdict: I received this Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender with the Whisk and Chopper Attachment for a Christmas present. I love it! It's sleek design fits your hand perfect and will help you so you can blend in a pot, bowl or a pitcher.
8 years ago
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