Crucial MX300 CT275MX300SSD1 275GB Reviews

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Manufacturer: Crucial
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Value for money

Great for performance.

Verdict: When it comes to performance, computers are only as fast as the slowest component. In my case the hard drive was a big bottleneck. Since installing the crucial drive boot up is way quicker, application startup is faster too.
1 year ago

Crucial MX300 CT275MX300SSD1 275GB

Verdict: Easy to install and comes with a software key to expedite migrating data.
Cons: Advertised as a 525 GB SSD, Only has 488.5 GB of usable space and 500 MB of that is reserved space.
Acronis program is a little tricky to use if you aren't migrating your entire drive to the new one
2 years ago
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