Corsair Force MP500 M.2 CSSD-F240GBMP500 240GB Reviews

Corsair Force MP500 M.2 CSSD-F240GBMP500 240GB
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Corsair's Force Series MP500 240GB NVMe SSD reviewed

Verdict: Corsair is throwing its hat into the NVMe SSD ring with the Force MP500 drive. We subjected the drive to our testing gauntlet to see...

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1 year ago

Corsair Force MP500 (480GB)

Pros: Overall speedy performance across the board. Good software utility
Cons: Not quite as fast as the newest NVMe drives. Priced in line with snappier Samsung SSD 960 EVO. Not all functions in Toolbox utility work with NVMe drives
Verdict: The Force MP500 is a no-doubt-fast PCI Express "gumstick" SSD, but it's a mid-pack pick among the elite NVMe crowd. The main reason to buy one versus a competitor is if it sees a price drop.

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1 year ago
PC Magazine
Verdict: If you are looking for a Phison E7-powered SSD that has a bit more to offer than the rest, then Corsair's Force Series MP500 is just the ticket.

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1 year ago
Tweak Town

Corsair Force Series MP500 Review

Pros: + Good overall performance, + Pleasing design, + Compact form factor, + Corsair SSD toolbox with TRIM options, + 3 Years Warranty
Verdict: The SATA-based SSD market has now become quite stagnant and saturated. Prices have tumbled in recent years which has been great for mainstream users who can benefit from a slice of solid state action.

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1 year ago

Corsair Force Series MP500 M.2 NVMe SSD

Pros: Black printed circuit board, Copper strip technology, High-Performance, NVMe-Enabled, Black printed circuit board, Copper strip technology, High-Performance, NVMe-Enabled
Cons: High initial pricing, Low warranty terms, Lack of progress for the E7 controller, High initial pricing, Low warranty terms, Lack of progress for the E7 controller
Verdict: Corsair is caught in the middle of a really bad storm with no choice but to shelter in place. Financial reports from several companies indicate that the NAND shortage is just as bad as we've predicted for the last several months.

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1 year ago
Tom's Hardware
Verdict: Overall, its performance is very similar to what we had expected given the results we have had with other Phison E7 controller powered SSDs. It achieves its rated specs of 3GB/s read and 2GB/s write with ease and can deliver more IOPS than you can shake a stick at in our synthetic tests.

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1 year ago

Corsair Force MP500 480GB SSD Review

Pros: Performance
Cons: Management software urgently needs updating, Pricing needs a tweak, 3-year warranty seems a bit mean
Verdict: Kitguru says: It's good to see Corsair back at the sharp end of things in the SSD market but the pricing of the MP500 needs a little tinkering with to make it truly competitive.
1 year ago

Corsair Force MP500 480GB Review

Pros: All-around great performance. High TBW rating courtesy of MLC NAND. It's actually available
Cons: Barebones software. Bad value next to Samsung's 960 Pro/Evo
Verdict: Samsung has dominated the solid state storage scene for the past few years and they recently updated their SSD lineup with two of the fastest drives we've ever tested. The MLC-based SSD 960 Pro and the more affordable TLC 960 Evo , both reviewed and proven to be extremely fast NVMe SSDs.

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1 year ago

Corsair Force MP500 480GB M.2 NVMe SSD Review

Verdict: The Corsair Force MP500 series M.2 NVMe SSDs have pretty impressive impressive performance and blow your typical mainstream SATA III SSD out of the water. Corsair's first PCIe SSD is a good entry for them to get into the M.2 PCIe SSD market as it is growing fast and anyone concerned about...

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1 year ago
Legit Reviews

Corsair Force MP500 480GB M2 NVMe SSD review

Verdict: So I had hopes that the M500 would have kicked the 960 series proverbial toosh, it's fast but just not that fast. But hey it is truly great to see Corsair pursue the M2 SSD arena with a product that that offers MLC NAND and a product that makes use of that blazing fast NVMe protocol.

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1 year ago
The Guru of 3D

Very fast SSD

Verdict: I consider the SSD with performance among the best, good relationship between cost and price, but it heats up rather than changing the operation.

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3 months ago

Good but exessive

Verdict: Extremely fast NVME, but the temperature is a bit on the high side. If I had to buy again, I'd choose more storage over speed, which would also probably result in a lower temps.

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10 months ago

Fast storage

Verdict: Fast and affordable SSD, although it ranges from around 900 MB/s to 2 GB/s (400MB/s short of its maximum speed). I've never seen it get past 2 GB/s. Either way, it is very fast and I would recommend this over any HDD.

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11 months ago
Pros: Amazing speed
Cons: dont come with a m2 screw

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1 year ago
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