Corsair Force LS CSSD-F240GBLS 240GB Reviews

Corsair Force LS CSSD-F240GBLS 240GB
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Pros: low price
Cons: low perfomance, untested controller
Verdict: The performance of the Corsair Force LS is not particularly high. In the synthetic benchmarks it mostly "achieves" one of the last places, just as in the more practical PCMark benchmark. The Force LS is an entry-level solution, therefore new performance records were of course not to be expected.
5 years ago

Corsair Force Series LS 120GB SATA 3 6GB/s SSD Review

Verdict: The Force Series LS is Corsairs cost-effective range of SSD, and it's slim too as it's 7mm in thickness.
5 years ago
Pros: Good benchmark scores, Decent real world performance
Cons: Price Vs. Performance
Verdict: The Corsair Force LS SSD is no slouch by any means, however its price tag may be a bit too steep for what it is offering to the consumers.
5 years ago

Corsair Force LS Series 240GB SSD Review

Verdict: There have been a number of incarnations of the Force Series drives from Corsair with the first having the SandForce 1200 series controller. Hence the name. Most have been performance focused and were the Corsair flagship drives for a time, a title currently held by their Neutron GTX line.
5 years ago
Legit Reviews

Big Ole SSD in a little black box

Pros: Corsair Toolbox cloned it without a hitch and did exactly what it was supposed to do
Cons: I did 5 clones/swipes before I got it right
Verdict: Had to do a restart after trying a shutdown (power source and everything) in order for drive to just show up in Device Manager and Corsair Toolbox as an option to clone to. Cloning a drive requires the c: drive AND the Boot Drive partition in order for the drive to boot up. I didn't know this.
3 years ago


Pros: Cheap
Cons: Not the fastest drive
Verdict: You get what you pay for. You can get this drive for 30-40$ on sale. Not as fast as the high end SSDs but will surely beat a spinning hard drive. Bough it for an old computer and made it enjoyable again.
3 years ago

Faulty drive again

Verdict: This drive died whilst making a clone copy using Corsair software. This is the second Corsair SSD drive to die whilst cloning, yet I have cloned other drive with no problems.
5 years ago

Great Drive and Great Value

Verdict: Quality drive as expected from Corsair. Have used many of their products and never been let down. This drive was easy to install and worked perfectly as a boot drive for a new build. Ultimate bang for the buck.
5 years ago
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