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Conventional Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Not many people enjoy vacuuming but it is a task made easier by the right type of equipment. The good news is that there are many model options to select from including reliable versions that fit almost any budget. The most common include a conventional model, but uprights and handheld varieties are also highly effective and worth considering. The key thing to remember when buying these is that a higher price does not mean better results, even if some manufacturers want you to believe this is the case.

What to Expect

When buying vacuums, you can expect to find a range of quality, prices, and features available. Keep in mind that your goal is to get your carpeting clean. However, some models also help with hardwood floors and tile, too. You may also want the flexibility to do upholstery in the house and even in the car. You may want a variety that can help you to remove dust from drapery or help you to get those stairs cleaned easily. Noise levels are another factor.

Another important consideration for many buyers is the amount of debris removal and what it does with it. In many homes, the goal is to get a deep clean that pulls up as much of the dirt from the carpeting even the deep fibers. You may want to choose a bag model, but more common today are canisters that allow you simply to dump them out. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, using proper filters may be a good option for removing, even more, material while not disbursing it into the air.

Types to Consider

Often, homeowners buy the type of vacuum they are accustomed to using. However, this may not always be the best buy. Consider the following options.


The upright vacuum cleaner is one of the most common. It is a self- contained model that usually includes a vacuum bag or dirt canister, a hose, attachment brushes and a motor all stored in one body. For those who have the most carpet cleaning to do, this model works best. Look for a model with a power brush for deeper debris removal, but some have an on/off switch for the brush. That is a good thing if you also want to use the vacuum to clean hardwoods you do not want to scratch. Also, look for those that are lightweight enough to allow you easily to move them over the floor. An adjustment for the pile, or height and thickness of the carpet is also beneficial. Built-in hoses can make cleaning stairs or other levels easier.

Conventional or Canister Models

The conventional and canister models are flexibility, these models will provide a main unit that houses the motor and a collection bag. Then, a larger hose connects to the front of the main unit. The hose usually contains a power brush on the front and various attachment options. The canister stays still during cleaning, or moves only when needed. Most models do allow for cleaning of tile, wood, carpeting and even ceilings if you want to. When buying these, look for models with slim enough brushes that can get into and under furniture with ease. You also want to ensure it offers plenty of suction power.

Handheld or Portable Units

From cordless models to smaller systems you can easily carry around, there's no need to go without a vacuum anywhere. These handheld vacuum cleaners are lightweight and smaller. They are only meant for lighter cleaning, though. They make the ideal investment for a car or a motorhome. When buying them, consider how much capacity they have as well as how much suction they provide. Some will mount to the wall to make it easy for you to simply grab it and go when you need it.
Also, consider built-in models, which are designed within the home's construction. Robotic models clean the floors for you. Just turn them on and let them go.

Features to Look For

Some of the following features can make all of the difference in the functionality and worth of your vacuum. Keep in mind what you plan to use it for and then select the model best suited for your specific needs.

HEPA Filters

Many manufacturers are now offering these filters. These filters work to capture more dirt and dust particles that are in the carpeting. Some claim to capture as much as 99.97 percent of these particles. For those who have allergies or asthma, this type of filter is worthwhile. You will get the same results from HEPA and HEPA- type filters.

Self Propelled

Vacuuming an entire home can be hard to do and it is tiring. However, if the model features a self-propelled feature, you will have far less to worry about. This type of motor allows you to effortlessly vacuum the floor.

Bagless Features

Newer models are bagless. Instead of using a bag that collects the debris, the debris enters a canister. The container is reusable, which can save you money overall since you do not have to buy bags. Most are efficient models and there is little to no difference in efficiency or function between these models and others.

Top Models

Some name brand vacuums that are known for their overall abilities include Bissell, Hoover and Dyson. Dyson is known for its unique technology, which may or may not be worthwhile especially if you have a limited amount of carpeting in your home. These models are significantly higher priced. Eureka brand is moderately priced and known for its reliability. Other options include LG, which are moderate to high priced with most features and Kenmore, which contain basic features and range from low to moderate pricing with minimum features.


When buying vacuums, new features are not always worthwhile. Instead, buy models that include features like attachments, telescoping wants and dirt sensors that are highly usable and worthwhile. Most vacuums do need regular maintenance to keep them running properly. Do not overlook the benefits of purchasing a moderate to high-end model and using it for a decade or longer by simply maintaining it.

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