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Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Looking at buying a commercial vacuum cleaner? You have a lot of choice and just as much to consider. This buying guide should help you narrow your search. 

Fit for purpose

Different machines fit different requirements so carefully consider what it will be used for and where it will be used. As an example, wide-area vacuums are probably best when cleaning large carpeted areas in settings like hotel corridors or meeting rooms. An upright battery vacuum would be a better fit for more compact spaces or rooms where there are a lot of people around. And a tank vacuum is probably the only type to look at should you be cleaning wet and dry materials and require high suction to do so.

Make sure it's ergonomically friendly

Commercial vacuum cleaners are used every day - and often they're used several times during the course of that day. That's why it's important to choose a machine that is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. That includes being lightweight, with easy-access controls, and has a comfortable handle for the user to hold. 

Comfort is important

Just like the ergonomic elements, you should look for a commercial vacuum cleaner that maximises the comfort of the person who has to use it on a regular basis. Back-pack vacuums are excellent in this respect as the weight is evenly distributed across the shoulders, and the user doesn't have to hunch over the cleaner. If an upright cleaner is your best option because you have to clean carpets or need an appliance that can handle a variety of surfaces, look for one that is easily height adjustable so potential stooping is minimised.

Be kind to your surroundings

Highly visible commercial areas like retail outlets or professional offices need to make a great first impression. That's why a machine with protective, soft-rubber bumpers surrounding the base of an upright vacuum cleaner are great for these locations. They guard against damage to walls and furniture, and leave everything looking pristine with no scratches or dents.

HEPA air filtration

A commercial vacuum cleaner with a true HEPA [high-efficiency particulate air] filtration system is good for the health of the employees and clients within the building as they improve air quality. A genuine HEPA machine can trap at least 99% of particles 0.3 microns in size, preventing them from becoming airborne. For those who work in a building all day, every day, this is a genuine health benefit. 

Keep it quiet

If your commercial cleaner gets several uses over the course of the day, you want to cause as little disruption as possible to everyone working around you. Some of the best models are now capable of delivering genuine power but without being noisy. Put this feature on your shopping list if there are lots of ears about.

Power and durability

At the end of the day, your commercial vacuum cleaner will get a lot of use, so the more durable it is, the better. In most cases, you get what you pay for as cheap machines are not capable of combining power with reliability. While a cheap machine might look good when you have the bottom line in mind, a premium and more expensive model will be a far better investment in the long term.

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