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Clean Clean Men

Verdict: My wife doesn't like this but I can't help but say it smells excellent. Yes it is excrutiatingly expensive but it actually smells like the original Tova for men that got discontinued.
13 years ago

Its just amazing

Verdict: I use it every day
Pros: Clean & Fresh
Cons: Too Expensive
2 years ago

Clean Men

Verdict: One of the worst Demeters I've ever tried! It smells nothing like a sugar cookie, not even close. It smells just like rubbing alcohol and that's about it. It may have just been the bottle I had though, because I know it doesn't smell like that on my friends who've tried it.
11 years ago


Verdict: Let my purchase be the cautionary tale for you -- this product smells like soap...the pink granulated industrial kind. After the 'dry-down', there isn't much improvement. I was looking for something light, and trusted the wrong review of top 10 colognes.
9 years ago
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