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Happy Birthday Lovey!

Verdict: My fiance' can finally enjoy his cologne with his best best now that ouiiue've got this fragrance smitten with our dailys. Thanks a bunch.
2 years ago

Chanel egoiste

Verdict: So happy with this cologne. Nordstrom is the only place I could find it at. It is my husband's favorite and am so thrilled that Nordstrom brought it back. Thank you Nordstrom for making my Christmas present for my husband a hit this year!
10 months ago

I have to fight girls off.

Verdict: It's amazing. I'm approaching my 59th year and one splash of this and I have to fight girls off half my age. I have even taken to carrying around a large club as protection. Actually (and sadly) this is not true.
6 years ago

Chanel Egoiste EDT 50ml

No reviews
Verdict: Just bought a July 2013 bottle, which is before the latest reform. I also have a 10ml decant of the first formula. First formula is stronger on the rose at the top, and middle. I like the rose because it does not overpower everything else, and is dark and smooth.
2 years ago

My FAVE cologne

Verdict: I would love to wear this cologne every day. It is best for winter months but I don't care. It has a perfect combination of vanilla & cinnamon notes and it lasts ALL day, unlike most other products. This stuff must be in high demand because it's now 3X the price I once paid for it on this site.
Pros: Draws Compliments, Great Smell, Long-Lasting, Sensual, Sexy
Cons: Too Expensive
3 years ago

Cologne Concentrée Commercialisme Concoctée.

Verdict: Much has been harped on about this magic and rarefied elixir called Ego?ste Cologne Concentrée. You can almost hear a choir and see a beam of light cleave the sky in twain at the mere mention of this seemingly contradictory fragrance category: the concentrated cologne. And therein lies my chagrin.
6 years ago

Yes I would bye Egoiste again

Verdict: Love the smell !!!!
Pros: Clean & Fresh, Great Smell, Long-Lasting
1 year ago

Chanel Egoiste

Verdict: Egoiste is indeed harder and harder to find with only a few etailers and Chanel themselves carrying it. This is not because Egoiste isn't an amazing fragrance - it is - but rather because it doesn't fit in well with the typical watered down, weak, citrus/sweet colognes passing as masculines today.
9 years ago
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