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Chairs Buying Guide

Sitting down is something we do a lot of, so this buying guide will help you find the best thing to sit down on!

Perfect Posture

If your new chair is to be used at your workspace e.g. a desk with a keyboard on it, you need to ensure it supports good posture over a long period of time. A chair that lets you too easily slouch or get into other bad sitting habits can lead to all sorts of painful afflictions including a bad back.

You'll Love Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is an important feature, particularly if you suffer from lower back pain. A chair with adjustable lumbar support to suit all body shapes and sizes can relieve back pain.  

Road Test For Comfort

Comfort is another consideration, and as we all have different definitions of what comfortable really means, it is a good idea to "road test" chairs if you can.

Pay For A Quality Sitting Experience

Comfort can be short-lived on a cheap chair which has been made with inferior materials. Invest in quality and the comfortable chair you road tested will stay comfortable for longer.

Do You Need A Mobile Chair?

A chair that can swivel, rotate and glide across the floor on wheels can make it easy to reach different parts of your workspace without placing too much strain on your body. These sorts of highly mobile chairs are also ideal for gaming. 

Mesh, Fabric Or Leather?

You have a choice of colours and coverings when choosing any chair, with mesh being breathable, leather feeling and looking luxurious, and fabric being durable. Your final decision will come down to what you want to use the chair for, the aesthetic impact it will have, and how it feels during your "road test".

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